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Character Guide - Wren by foxlee Character Guide - Wren by foxlee
( SotA info journal )

( dA screws with your thumbnail if you edit a text deviation after it's posted, it seems, so I'm posting the full profile in... eyup, the comments section. Standby for textbomb!)

My newest (oh wait, second-newest now ^^ ;;; ) Zelda character, apprentice forest mage Wren. His profile is still a bit WIP (damnit, I forgot the name of the stupid village! >.<; ) but here it is for reference anyway. I can always change it later.

Hylian font from the AWESOME Hyrule Realm.

By your powers combined, it's :iconzelda-oc-club:.

Character Guide: Wren
~ A Thousand Dreams ~

- - - -
- - - -

Full name: Wren
Race: Hylian
Age: 19, he thinks
Gender: Male
Occupation: Apprentice forest mage
Blood Type: ???
Instrument: Harp

- - - - - -
- - - - - -

Height/Weight: 166cm/69kg
Hair: Dark green, quite light and bouncy. It has a slightly "puffy" centre-parted fringe, and is mostly short-cropped at his neck except for two shoulder-length bunches on either side of his face, which he wears bound with brown leather thongs.
Eyes: Violet
Skin Tone: Somewhat tanned

General Build: Healthy. Wren's not a big guy, but he has a bit of meat on his bones; you could say he's solid for a skinny boy.

Distinguishing features: Wren has a blotchy red mark, looking something like a raw scar, starting on his face (over his left eye and ear) and stretching down the side of his neck to his shoulder.

Preferred clothing: Wren has a fairly simple aesthetic, shared by most of [village]'s residents. He wears a sleeveless vest of greyish-purple (trimmed with a lighter shade), that leaves his midriff exposed, over simple, loose, three-quarter pants. Layered around his hips is a large scarf sorts, matching his vest and folded to provide something like pockets. The scarf and the hems of his pants are tied off with dark green sashes.

Accessories: For some reason, a length of dark green cord is tied around his left upper arm, like a bracelet. He also tends to wear feathers or leaves in his hair ties.

- - - - - -
- - - - - -

General Attitude: Wren has a kind and very earnest nature. Though he was once given to depression and nihilism, his arrival in [village] marked the beginning of a new outlook, leaving him much more optimistic. Still a bit childish in many ways, he's fairly emotional, overly serious, and and a terrible liar.

Wren's main weakness is that he's too concerned with proving himself. He's constantly frustrated by the fact that his magical powers are still in development, and is usually trying far harder than necessary to please his mentor, Yorel, whom he adores with an almost puppyish devotion.

Likes: Yorel. Also Tale, other plants and animals, and being able to achieve his goals.

Dislikes: His taint, the fact that he's just an apprentice, depressing people, war.

Interests: Given the focus of the village, Wren spends most of his spare time studying botany and zoology, such as they are in Hyrule.

Abilities of note: Although it is still developing, Wren has significant ability to control living plant matter. Outside of combat, this takes the form of simply helping plants to grow, or bringing them back from the verge of death. He can reshape them if he exerts himself - for example, to make a bridge - but doing so takes a fair bit of effort.


- - - - - -
- - - - - -

Social Status: Apprentice of a respectable master.
Family Status: Presumed deceased.
Birth Rank: Unknown.

Homeland/Birthplace: ?

History: Wren came to village of [Village] as a ragged, half-dead youth, presuambly fleeing from the war that claimed his parents. At this time the boy didn't seem to care whether he lived or died - possibly due to the bizarre mark on his face, which he would only say was a curse, a punishment for "doing something terrible". By all accounts, he was a bitter and spiteful young man.

Nonetheless, the village took him in and apprenticed him to a sage named Yorel, which initially involved rather more housework than magic. Although Wren insisted he wanted nothing to do with the older man, it turned out Yorel was actually a lot more stubborn than he was. He was also impossibly patient and kind, and gradually his infuriating niceness simply overwhelmed Wren's spite.

Now, five years later, Wren has recognised the value of his second chance. He is determined to be a good student, to make Yorel proud and repay him for his kindness.

- - - - - -
- - - - - -

General level: Low
Style: Wren isn't a very good combatant at this stage, so he tends to focus on defensive tactics and wait for a potential advantage to reveal itself. Since his plant controls gives him rudimentary "grasping" arms at a considerable distance, he can try to pin or bowl over his opponents to keep them at bay. In a pinch, he can also use nearby plants to form a fairly tough (if not very mobile) shield.

Advantages: As long as he can stay away from his opponent, Wren is fairly safe in battle; between his defensive barriers and long reach, he can engage at a distance and doesn't risk much personal injury. He's also tougher than one would expect, especially for his size.

Disadvantages: Wren's offensive power is low, and moving any plant more solid than a young sapling or thick vine takes quite a bit of physical exertion. His techniques tend to be a bit slow, since he's dealing with plants, so fast attackers can often find an easy window. Also, despite being of the forest magic school, Wren is yet to learn how to manipulate earth, stone, or animals.

Oh, and endangering Yorel tends to ruin his ability to think clearly.

Special: Nothing extra.

Techniques: No specific techniques; he just moves plants however is most advantageous.

- - - - - -
- - - - - -

A Quote: "Right away, Master Yorel!"
Other: Nothing of note.

- - - - - -
OOC Info
- - - - - -

Theme Song: Guster - Two Points For Honesty
Seiyuu: ??

Name info: One I've always wanted to use for a character. Actually, he briefly went by "Flowerboy" in the RP that spawned him, until I dug up my list of "names I always meant to use" and took a vote ;p

Pronunciation: It's a real word, you don't need help.

Title/Tagline: From his theme song - "You've dreamed a thousand dreams / None seem to stick in your mind". It's a bit more angst than he currently has, but that's because it basically describes his past, before Yorel poked him out of his shell and helped him grow up a bit.

Roleplay notes: Wren is my first character who primarily belongs in the ZOCC RP "standard" setting, and is actually entwined with the Light and Shadow lore :D Elsewhere, he's just a forest mage from a dinky village in the woods.

Other notes: None.

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