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adapted for the fandom by Fox Lee (
with the help of deviantArt's 'Zelda OC Club'
based on the original test by Merlin Missy (
© 1997, 2005, 2007

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


* "She" is generally used in this test because female Sues are about a gajillion times more common in the Zelda fandom than males (male authors just tend to shape Link to their ideal instead of making a new character). Replace "she" with "he" to get mostly the same results, but male characters might get screwy results, since this is a draft ^^;

* Some people interpret certain Hylian races (particularly Sheikah and Gerudo) as being very long-lived compared to humans. For such races, where the test mentions a particular age or age group, consider it to say "or the equivalent thereof, for long-lived races".

* Follow-up questions are denoted by being indented from the original question they are based on - you only need to answer the followup question if you said "yes" to the original question. If there are multiple followups, answer them all if you answered "yes" to the original question; however, if the followups have folowups, only answer them if you said "yes" to the preceeding followup.
  For example:

  + Question 1 (answered yes)
    + Question 1a (answered yes)
      + Question 1ai (<---answer this)
    + Question 1b (answered no)
      + Question 1bi (<---don't answer this)

* Where canon characters are mentioned, any canonical version of the character counts (TP Link is no different to Ocarina Link, etc.). "Link" includes any of the Four Swords Links as well as ordinary Link. If you have your own incarnations of commonly recurring characters from the series (Zelda, Link, Ganon, etc.) they count as "canonical", but judge their behaviour and relationships based on your setting.

* Questions which earn points are marked with "+"; Questions which subtract points are marked with "-". If this isn't the case, check the scoring box - I'm more likely to have typoed the bullet than the score adjustment ^^; Also, notes are marked with "!".

* This version is a beta! It probably has mistakexs all over it ^^; Let me know if I've made a typo, or if there's something you think I should add/remove!

* This test is not directed at /any/ specific person or their character, and is not attended to cause insult to anybody! It's just intended to help writers who are worried they might be making a Mary-Sue, and give us a bit of a chuckle. It's coloured by my own concept of what consitutes a Mary-Sue, but it's based primarily on common thought on the topic, and on observation of LoZ fanfic. It's not automatically right, nor 100% accurate - and, while it might be a bit biased, remember that some of my own characters score quite highly too. Basically, if you're offended by it, please relax and don't take it so seriously! ^^;

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[ SECTION 1 - The Name ]

+ Is the character named after you? (This can be your first name, middle name, or your "handle".) [10]
  + And you use this name for original characters in other fandoms, too? [5]

+ Is the character's name an unusual spelling of a more common name (eg. Jazmyn, Rebekah)? [1]

+ Is the character's name a noun or adjective not normally used for a name? [1]
  + Deliberately spelled in an unusual fashion? (eg. Ravyn, Majick) [2]

+ Is the character's name a name the she chose for herself? [1]
  + Because she was exiled and abandoned her original name? [2]
  - Because her real name is extremely embarrassing [-1]

+ Does the character have a really cool name that you wish you had? [1]

+ Does the character have a name you want to give (or have given) to your pet or child? [1]

+ Does the character have a cool nickname or pseudonym? [1]
  + Is it a "dangerous" nickname (e.g. Death Dealer, Crimson Fury, etc.)? [2]
  + Does it relate to the goddesses or their attributes (power, wisdom or courage)? [1]

+ Does the character's name include a nature-, weapon- or astrology-themed compound word (eg. brightblade, shadowfire, dawnstar, etc.) [4]

+ Does the character's name contain unnecessary hyphens, apostrophes, or other punctuation? (e.g. M'chelle, Gloria-Angelica, etc.) [4]

+ Does the character have more than one first, middle, or last name, without reason? [3]

+ Is the character's name deliberately taken from a published or fictional language or racial style from a series other than TLoZ (eg. Tolkien elvish)? [2]

+ Is the character named after a character you like from another fandom? [4]

+ Is the character's name Japanese? [2]
  + And do you (and/or the story's characters) append "chan" or a similar Japanese honourific to it? [2]

+ Is the character's name unusual (taking into account the setting) in some other way? [2]

- - - - - - -

[ SECTION 2 - Physical Attributes ]

Is the character, in whole or in part:
  + A Zora? [1]
  + A female Gerudo? [2]
    - Who has "the Gerudo nose"? [-2]
  + A Sheikah? [3]
  + A Twili? [3]
  + A member of a new race you made up? [4]
  + A unique or created being? [6]
  + A Great Fairy? [6]
  - A female goron, or female member of a 'monstrous' race (eg. Moblin, Lizalfos, Deku scrub, etc.) [-10]
    ! Doesn't count if she does not appear to be a goron/monstrous creature.

- Does the character not have the benefits of being part of her race(s), but still have the drawbacks? [-3]
  ! Subtract only 1 point if the character eventually does get the benefit(s), anywhere in the story/series.

+ Is the character a cross-breed of two races or species? [1]
  + Of three or more races? (This includes "traces" of other races in her genetics if they show in her appearance or abilities.) [3]
  + Does the character noticeably have all of the beneficial traits of these races? [2]
    ! Additional +2 if the character is a mixture of three or more races.
  + If the races from which the character is descended have significant drawbacks (eg., the Zoras' weakness to fire and ice, the Gorons' inability to swim), does the character somehow not suffer from them? [4]
    ! Additional +4 if the character is a mixture of three or more races.

+ If the character is from a long-lived or very attractive race, is she old or extremely beautiful, even by the standards of her race? [4]

+ If the character is from a race with inherent magical abilities or physical power, is she extremely gifted or powerful, even by the standards or her race? [4]

+ Is the character between 14 and 21 years of age? [1]

+ Does the character look like she is between 14 and 21 years of age, despite being older? [2]
  + For a magical or special reason? [2]
    + That you plan on making a plot point later? [1]

- Is the character over 25 (and looks her age)? [-1]
  - Over 30? [-4]
    - Over 40? [-6]

- Does the character look older than 25, but is actually significantly younger? [-3]

+ Is the character the age you would like to be? [1]

+ Is the character a female between 5'8" and 5'11", or a male over 6'0"? [2]
  + A male over 6'6"? [2]

- Is the character a male under 5'5", or a female over 6'0"? [-1]

+ Is the character's hair always in perfect condition? [1]
+ Despite her not having the resources (eg. shampoo), or not expending the effort, to keep it that way? [4]

+ Does the character have hair that reaches to or past her waist? [1]
  + To or past her backside? [1]
    + Her knees? [2]
      + Her /ankles/? [3]

+ Does the character have unusually large breasts? [1]
  + Despite being younger than 16? [3]

+ If female, is the character's body "statuesque", "lithe", "delicate", "deceptively slender", "perfectly toned", or otherwise perfect and fat-free? [4]
  + Is she as strong as (or stronger than) a full-grown man in spite of appearing slender/waifish/delicate? [4]

+ If male, is the character's body "statuesque", "towering", "powerfully muscled", "rippling", "intimidating", or otherwise dangerous or powerful-looking? [4]

+ Do you find the character highly attractive? [2]

+ Does one or more of the canon characters find the character highly attractive? [2]
  + Do other canon characters see her as a threat because of this? [2]

+ Does the character have a visual trait which is unusual for her race (eg. strangely-coloured hair or eyes) which does not actually detract from her appearance, yet she is considered freakish or ugly for it? [6]

+ Does the character have an unusual eye colour (relative to her race) for no apparent reason? [3]
  + Are her eyes two different colours? [2]
  + Will this be a plot point later? [1]

+ Does the character have a scar or a strange marking that is noticed by another character, but does not actually detract from his/her appearance? [1]
  + Is it a birthmark? [1]
    + Of a shape that would not occur naturally (eg. a star, a sword, etc.) [2]
      + Is it Triforce-shaped? [2]
      + Will this be a plot point later on? [2]
  + Is it a Triforce mark (as in, the same type of glowy/magic mark as Link/Zelda/Ganondorf have)? [6]

+ Does the character have one or more tattoos? [1]
  + Do you wish /you/ had (or do you actually have) that/those tattoo(s)? [3]

+ Is the character deaf, mute, or both? [1]
  + Is she no longer deaf and/or mute by the end of the story/series, or else dead? [3]
  - Does she remain deaf or mute beyond the end of the story/series, and remain alive? [-1]

- Is the character otherwise physically disabled in a significant fashion (not just a minor injury, like missing a finger or toe)? [-2]
  + Is the character no longer disabled at the end of the story/series, or else dead? [1]

- Is the character mentally disabled? [-10]

- Is the character genuinely overweight (not just thinks she's overweight)? [-6]
  - Is this remarked upon by another character who is not motivated by jealousy? [-2]
  - Is the character obese? [-10]
  + Is the character no longer overweight by the end of the story/series? [2]
    + Due to magic? [4]

- - - - - - -

[ SECTION 3 - Backstory ]

+ Is the character the long-lost sibling, child, other relative, or mystical soulmate, of a regular character? [1]
  + Of Link? [2]
    ! Additional +2 if the character is Link's child, and the mother is your personal favourite canonical female.
  + Of Zelda? [2]
  + Of Ganondorf? [3]
    ! No points if the character is Ganondorf's child in a setting where /all/ pureblood Gerudo are related to Ganondorf.
  + Of one of the six sages? [2]
    - Is it Rauru or Darunia? [-2]
  + Of Malon? [2]
  + Of one of the goddesses? [20]
    - But she doesn't have any special powers as a result? [-10]
  + Does she not know about it? [4]
    - And she never finds out? [-2]

Is the character, or has she even been:
  + Orphaned, abandoned or adopted as a child? [1]
  + Born or forced into slavery? [1]
  + Born or raised in extreme poverty? [1]
  + The sole survivor of a calamity? [2]
  + Physically abused? [2]
    + By a caregiver? [2]
  + Sexually abused? [3]
    + Raped? [3]
    + By a caregiver? [3]
  + An illegitimate birth? [2]
  + The later parent of illegitimate child? [1 per child]
  + Running away from home (for more than a few days)? [1]
  + Fleeing from an arranged marriage? [3]
  + Banished/exiled from her/his family/tribe/country/etc.? [3]
  + Keeping her dreadful past a secret? [2]
    + To keep the people around her from getting hurt? [2]
  + Through any other life experience inspired by V.C. Andrews? [2]
  + The only character in the story/series to whom such things have happened? [2]
  + Did you answer 'yes' to more than three of the above questions? [2]
    + To more than six? [4]
  + Does the character consistently "angst" about any or all of these things? [2]
    + Does she nobly keep it to herself? [2]

+ Is the character married or betrothed to a canon character? [4]
  + To Ganondorf? [4]

+ Is the character a member of a "despised" caste, race or social class? [1]
  + Is it a plot point of the "I can make a contribution even thought I'm ... " variety? [1]

+ Is the character a member of a hitherto unknown clan/tribe/organisation? [1]
  + And is she the last surviving member of it? [2]

+ Does the character suffer from guilt about something terrible that she did in the past? [1]
  + Despite overwhelming evidence that it wasn't really her fault? [2]
  + Do the other characters continually have to reassure her that it wasn't her fault? [2]
    + And they don't get sick of this at any point? [2]

+ Does the character have amnesia? [2]
  + Does she still retains some trinket from her past, such as a locket or charm? [2]
    + Which is magical and/or a major plot point? [2]

+ Did the character have an unusual birth or unusual experience in early infancy? (i.e. abducted, placed in a basket and set afloat, visited by Three Weirdos, etc.) [1]

+ Is the character mentioned in a prophecy or similar prediction of future/destiny? [3]
  + About the fate of the entire world? [3]
  + Does she not know about it until a particular wise person or villain reveals it to her during the story? [3]
  + Does she "just want to be a normal girl" despite this destiny? [3]

+ Is the character royalty of any type? [3]
  + Does she not originally know about it? [3]
    + Because she was sent into hiding to protect her from her family's/country's enemies? [3]

+ Does the character's backstory contain no elements from any iteration of Hyrule (ie. she is not from any known race or tribe, does not come from any previously established location, etc.) except for attachments to a canon character? [1]
  + Does it contain elements that actively contradict the iteration of Hyrule she is in (ie. you have altered the canonical history to fit in the character's race/clan/homeland/etc.) ? [4]
    + Does the character herself actually replace an important character or historical figure from the canon storyline? [6]

- - - - - - -

[ SECTION 4 - Character Traits and Powers]

+ Does the character share your job or hobbies, or have a job or hobby that you would like to have? [2]

+ Does the character replace an important canonical character in their role (eg. Link, one of the Sages, etc.) [6]

+ Is the character a female with an amazing singing voice? [2]
  + Does she repeatedly use this gift to cheer up the group, or to some magical effect? [1]

+ Or play a musical instrument amazingly well (beyond just being competent with it)? [1]
  + Is it the ocarina? [2]

+ Does the character have a supernatural power which has been established to exist in the Zelda-verse (such as attack magic or shapechanging)? [1]
  + Does she have two or more such powers? [2]
    + More than three? [4]
  + Is that power particularly rare? [2 per power]
    + Is that power canonically held only by one important character? [3 per power]

+ Does the character have a supernatural power which /hasn't/ been established to exist in the Zelda-verse)? [3]
  + Does she have two or more such powers? [3]
    + More than three? [6]
  + Is she the only person with that power/those powers? [4]

+ Does the character normally have no (or very few) special powers, except for a unique power she can use on special occasions, which somehow makes her invaluable to the plot (eg. she is the only one who can seal Ganondorf)? [6]

+ Is the character the holder of a Triforce? [6]
  - After the canonical holder passed away or was otherwise taken out of the picture? [-3]
  + While the canonical holder is still around? [2]
  + Is it a secret fourth Triforce nobody knew about before? [4]

+ Can the character fly? [2]
  + Without the aid of wings? [2]
  - Is the character a rito, or other previously-established winged race? [-1]

+ Do animals and/or children instinctively like the character? [2]
  - Only non-butterfly insects and crawly lizard-type critters? [-2]

+ Does the character think of any of her abilities as being a curse, despite its obvious usefulness or power? [4]

+ Is the character the secret/forgotten fourth goddess of creation, or her avatar? [Turn in your test, we have a Sue.]

- - - - - - -

[ SECTION 5 - Love ]

+ Does the character fall in one-sided love with a canon character? [1]
  + Is it Link? [1]
  + Dark/Shadow Link? [1]
  + Ganondorf? [2]
  + Kisshin/Oni/Fierce Deity Link? [2]
  + All of the above? [3]

+ Does a canon character fall in love with and/or have sex with the character? [2]
  + Is it Link? [2]
    + Does he mysteriously become a suave, romantic cassanova? [4]
    + Does he mysteriously become a bad boy who plays by his own rules and scoffs at Zelda/Malon/Saria/Ilia? [6]
  + Dark/Shadow Link or Kisshin/Oni/Fierce Deity Link? [2]
    + Does this begin as an abusive relationship or as rape? [4]
    + Is she the only one who can make him feel real? [4]
  + Ganondorf? [4]
    + Does this begin as an abusive relationship or as rape? [4]
    + Is she the only one who can touch the tiny fragments of good left in his dark heart? [6]
    + Does the entire plot focus around him trying to kidnap her because he's so obsessed with her? [6]
  + Zelda? [2]
    + Because he rescued her at some point and/or replaced Link as her protector? [4]
  + Malon? [2]
  + Saria, who mysteriously/magically becomes an adult so it's not creepy? [4]
  + Does the character already have an established canonical partnership with somebody else? [4]
    ! For non-confirmed attraction (eg. Link + Zelda or Link + Malon in OoT) add only 2.
      ! For one-sided attraction (eg. Link + Ruto), only add points if the character in the relationship with your character is the one who's attracted.
    + But the partner in question likes your character so much that she doesn't begrudge the new couple? [8]
  + Does the canon character go through any other major personality change not mentioned here? [4]
  + Is it a character with whom /you/ would like to have a relationship? [2]
  + Does the character have such a relationship with more than three canonical characters? [Turn in your test, we have a Sue. Unless...]
    - One of them was Tingle [-30]

+ Does the character become romantically or sexually involved with another original character? [1]
  + With multiple other original characters? [2]
  + With whom /you/ would like to have a relationship? [1]

+ Does the character's presence (whether immediately or eventually) make a pair of canon characters realise they were meant for each other? [2]
  + Is it Link and Zelda/Malon/Saria/Ilia? [2]
  + Is it Link and Dark/Shadow Link, or Link and Sheik? [4]
  + Is it Ganondorf and /anybody/? [6]
  + Is it the character's death and/or heroic sacrifice which makes them realise this? [2]

- - - - - - -

[ SECTION 7 - The Story/Plot ]

+ Does the title of the story include the character's name/nickname, or is it a description of the character (eg. "The Legend of Zelda" XD)? [5]

+ Do you introduce the character on the first page of the story? [2]
  + In the first sentence? [1]

+ Do you describe the character's appearance more than once, or on the first page? [1]
  + With specific attention to her gorgeous hair and/or eyes? [2]

+ Do you tell the story from the character's point of view, all or mostly? [1]

+ Does the character meet Link on his quest and immediately become his companion? [2]

Is the character introduced by:
  + Beating one or more canon characters in a fight? [4]
  + Saving one or more canon characters from a villain or monster? [4]
  + Beating up some poor schmuck who said something sexist, because girls can do anything? [2]
  + Beating up some poor schmuck who hit on her? [1]
    + Even though she was wearing a low-cut top at the time? [3]
  + Being rescued by Link? [2]
  + Being an important plot figure whom Link must seek out (such as a sage)? [4]
  + Being somebody's childhood friend? [2]

+ Does your character know or come to know all the canon characters whom you like? [1]
  + Do they all end up liking the character? [1]
    + Do they all /start out/ liking her (or like her as soon as she meets them)? [2]
  - Do some of them actively /dis/like the character? [-1]

+ Does your character get kidnapped at some point, or does somebody attempt to kidnap her? [2]
  + More than once? [1]
  + By a villain who is romantically obsessed with her? [2]
  + Do most or all of your plot devices begin like this, or does the story revolve around everybody (or specifically Link) protecting your character? [4]

+ Does the character regularly get injured in a dramatic/self-sacrificing fashion? [2]
  + In, like, every fight? [4]

+ Do people repeatedly look down on or revile the character for being a woman who can fight? [2]
  + So she can righteously kick their arses while making sacrastic one-liners? [2]
    + Including "didn't your mother ever tell you not to pick on girls"? [6]
  + Even though she's a Gerudo? [4]

+ Does the character reform a villainous character through friendship and/or affection? [2]
  + Is it Dark/Shadow Link? [2]
  + Is it Ganondorf? [8]
  + Does the villain become evil again after the character dies, but retain some last vestige of goodness from his/her interaction with the character, evidenced in one selfless action at the end of the story? [4]

+ Does the character single-handedly save the day, the world, and/or another character's life? [3]
  + With a new power she didn't know she had before? [3]
  + And almost dies in the process? [2]
    + Is it only "almost" because at the last minute, the villain couldn't bring himself to kill her? [6]
  + And dies in the process? [3]
    + In the arms of her beloved? [2]
      + Who is the one she died to save? [1]
    + And everyone goes into mourning? [1]
      + Does the world itself, or all the animals/trees, go into mourning? [4]
    + Do one or more other characters blame themselves for her death? [2]
    + And she gets not-dead by the end of the story? [4]
    + And she gets not-dead in the sequel? [4]

+ Does /somebody else/ heroically sacrifice themselves to save the character? [2]
  + Because they're in love with her? [2]
    + Is it a canon villain? [6]

+ Does the character end up living at Hyrule Castle or Lon Lon Ranch, or travelling around alongside Link? [2]
  ! Don't add any extra points if your character started in this role.

+ Does the story end with the character's wedding? [4]

+ Do you plan to write many more stories revolving around this character? [2]

+ Do you plan to write one or more stories featuring this character's child(ren)? [2]

- - - - - - -

[ SECTION 6 - You and Your Character ]

+ Would you like to be friends with the character if you met in real life? [1]

+ Do you think everyone who reads the story should automatically like the character and want to be friends with the character? [1]

+ If someone tells you he/she doesn't like your character, do you take it as a personal attack on you? [1]

+ Do you ever pretend, just to yourself, that you are the character, with the same strengths and abilities? [1]

+ If someone calls your character a Mary Sue, do you immediately assume they're jealous of you? [3]
  + Because they're not getting laid, and you are? [4]
    + And you honestly think that having your character score with Link/Ganondorf/whoever counts as "getting laid"? [6]

- - - - - - -

! Not finished yet!! These numbers are from the original version of the test. Please make suggestions for adjustments, based on your results!

Possible Points:

0-10 points: The Anti-Sue. Your character is the very antithesis of a Mary-Sue - actually, they could probably use a little more attention or a bigger role in the plot. A lack of background makes her a non-Sue, but possibly also a non-event.

11-20 points: The Non-Sue. Your character is well-developed, and has some interesting traits and uniqueness to her without being a Mary-Sue. Congratulations!

21-35 points: Borderline-Sue. Your character is cutting it close, make no mistake. Main characters can be fine at this level if the story is high-fantasy, saving-the-world, romantic sort of stuff. Just but be careful not to go too far, and you should be fine. Good work!

36-55 points: Mary-Sue. Your character needs some work in order to be believable. But despair not; you should still be able to salvage her with a little effort. Don't give up.

56-70 points: Über-Sue. You've got one hell of a Mary-Sue on your hands here, and it's not going to be easy to set things right. But do your best. There may be hope for you yet.

71 point or more: Irredeemable-Sue. You're going to have to start over, my friend. I know you want to keep writing, but no. Just no.
Somethinmg I've been working on for the , just for kicks ^^ I need testers, so please lemme know what you think I need to add/subtract/adjust/tweak/change/fix/molest/whatever.

Disclaimer: This is not about your or your character. It's a general observation. Please don't take it personally! ^^; If you're overly sensitive about your characters, read/take at your own risk.
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Is having a reincarnation of Link and Zelda as ocs okay?

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I WILL GIVE HIM TELEPORTATION INSTEAD o wait that alraedy exists in zelda

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Nuf said XDDDD
crazyforchocobos Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012
My OC Tori got a 25, but due to the nature of his story (leaning toward world saving) I'll polish him up a bit.

he has ADHD (i.e gets distracted easily and very impulsive and can;t stay still for longer than half a second) and mild dyslexia (and he;s a sorcere so that might make learning his magic difficult) so should I subtract a few points for that?

and maybe you could add a sections where we can take away points for character flaws?
crazyforchocobos Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012
Hmm..I'll go through this agian with my OC Tori, his will be the my first LOZ fanfic that I actually get off the ground. the other ones just didn't work out very well *flaps hand feebly*

I'm trying to go for the unsung hero's story that eventually leads into Link's story I've already planned most of it out.

My fanfic Song of the Dragons is going to be told in two parts:
Tori's story (The Seeker of the Hero) will be 13 chapter exactly-mainly it's getting the Master Sword to Link (of course it won't be easy)
Link's story (The Hero) is actually going to almost 3 times as long (cause of course Link is the Hero)-Still working this one out I'm trying to be original and classic at the same time NOT EASY I TELL YOU.
xxsexyemovampirexx Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
as far as the canon characters attraction to an oc, is it sueish if a male canon character is at first like "ooh, boobs"

i cant believe i just asked that

Does large boobs count as sueish if it does cause the oc obvious back problems, and an inability to execute swift movements
foxlee Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Big boobs isn't Sueish by itself, but it's a common factor with most Sues because they're pretty much universally hot (or trying to be). Canon characters being attracted to OCs, on the other hand, is almost universally Sueish, so be super-careful with that. If he ever does anything remotely out of character, if the relationship is too "easy" (progresses unrealistically fast, they never have any fights, etc.) or if she displaces an existing love interest, then you're pretty much guaranteed to have a Sue on your hands.

If you're talking about an off-hand "ooh boobs!" that never turns into a relationship, I wouldn't say that's necessearily Sueish, as long as it's in-character for the observer.

You'd definitely get anti-Sue points for having a big bust cause the character some realistic difficulty, though you may not want to emphasise/have her complain about it too much, lest it seem like she's just whining about something most girls would be jealous of :p

Or, that's my opinion, anyway ^^
xxsexyemovampirexx Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm kind new to the Legend of Zelda fandom, and per usual (as for me) i thought up the "dynamic duo", Garnet and Xeno(who are a dysfunctional pair to sat the least). Sorry i am going to explain my ocs you dont have to read, but advice would be nice.

Garnet was the one i asked you about, because i wanted to know if i scored my oc right, and with the variable of the ooh boobs thing she scores a 14-16. She seems to be kind of a sue(to me anyway), because shes got long hair and big boobs. I have always heard Sues were superkawaiidesuprettyOMFG and smart at the same time. So i made Garnet pretty, but not that bright. She has red hair and green eyes, is about 5'4", age 17, and is a Hylian. She is bubbly and a bit oblivious. As far as a back story goes shes just a girl from a small village in Hyrule.

Xeno on the other hand is the dark type oc and scored slightly higher. Shes an albino (or whatever they call it in LoZ)with short hair and an average figure, if not slightly flat chested. She worked on a small farm that belonged to Garnet's family, she hauled hay bales. She has some muscle tone from that. She can fight, but is not near as efficient as Link. Her specialty is sneak attacks, but if that doesnt work she fight hand to hand well enough. Her only real weapon is a spear. As far as magic goes, its not her forte. Her personality isnt totally finished, but I've made her to be tomboyish and brash, shes intelligent, but generally throws a punch before asking a question.

Thats all i have for my ocs so far.
oh, and as critique for you WIP Sue test, try adding more mental traits, you have mostly hysical

again sorry for the long message thanks for your help
foxlee Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Honestly, neither of them sound dangerously Sue-ish on the face of it, but I don't have a lot to g on there. Whether or not they trip the Sue radar will be more about how they interact with the world and the canon characters. For example, Xeno is "intelligent, but generally throws a punch before asking a question" - how do people react to this? Is she made to face the consequences you would expect for being violent and unreasonable, or does she just get away with it all the time? Garnet isn't too bright - but will this be made clear in how she speaks and interacts with others, or will it just be a trait the audience is told is true?

Unfortunately there's a lot of nuance to this stuff, so nobody can say for sure except you ^_^; Just be honest with yourself, and if you're worried, look for places you can be more restrained. Wanting to avoid Sues is half the work ;p

Oh, and thanks for the suggestion about the quiz! I shall think about that if I do another revision. I appreciate it ^_^
xxsexyemovampirexx Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the help, um can i add you?
foxlee Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure, that's entirely up to you :3
EveningOkami Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
What if you're character becomes something else? My character became human when she cut off her wings (IDK, she was a fairy...)
So there should be a subtract for that or something...maybe by the amount of points given if they become human/hyrulian...
foxlee Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry, that still counts. It's all about things that make them "special".
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