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April 17, 2007
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Stamp - Not Feminine by foxlee Stamp - Not Feminine by foxlee
Oh dear, I made more XD

So apparently there's a stamp out there which reads "Feminine, NOT Feminist". As if that's anything to be proud of! Anti-feminists shit me, especially female ones. How can a woman be against a movement which exists to give her the right to have an opinion? Without feminism, you wouldn't be able to voice dissent, let alone put it on a stamp on the internet. So shut the hell up! XP

Anyway, this is my response. There's nothing wrong with being feminine, of course, but it shits me when people assume that "female" and "feminine" are the same thing. Get it straight people!

Use as you like, but please link back here if you're not using thumbnail code!

Made with ^zilla774's Stamp Template, hurrah :D
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Nami-no-Hanna Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you know how many times I was mistaken for a guy because I act and/or look like one?
I don't even know what I am anymore. I'm a guy that looks like a girl or a girl who looks like a guy to everybody!!!

Coryn315 Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome to my life, it gets very very confusing from here.
ZoriGalactic Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate being called a dyyke or butch, though I'm totally straight and I still have a female body.
I wish they could accept that theres such things as masculine girls and feminine guys who are NOT gay.
Facepalm Exactly how I feel! Now my feminine sisters tell me to wear makeup everyday, ahem! Do I want to wake up 5:30 everyday to put on some eyeliner? NO!
DaBair Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Men are capable of being feminine too.
theofficialgenzoman Feb 7, 2014  New member Professional Artist
fuck woman
AaronMetallion Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In poetry feminine emotions describe emotions of sensitivity, motherly love, delicate feelings, feelings of tenderness. I wouldn't believe that anyone here absolutely detests feminine  'emotional' qualities. I can't see how a relationship or a family would work without them.

I know most people are just talking about the general stereotypical girly girl population, gossippin, makeup, partyyyy, shoppin, im just refering to emotional qualities. (also I don't make the stereotypes xD).
Women who stand against Feminism baffle me greatly, I really just can not understand how someone can stand against and attempt to break down something that is trying to make things better for their own gender but then I remember that a lot of the women who do this are often brought up to believe that all is good between the genders, that we are already equal enough, they are taught to be ignorant and it's heartbreaking.
Nelauk Jan 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
nothing wrong with being feminine though! i'm mostly a tomboy but i've got a feminine side too!
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