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Well, I'm finally back in uni mode... it took long enough! still waiting for my textbooks to arrive tho. Don't get me wrong, gubberment, I think it's fecking awesome that you consider my study important enough to give me money for textbooks, but it would be super nice if you could give it to me in orientation week next time, rather than week 2 ^^;

Last Tuesday I went into hospital to get a lump of scar tissue removed from my tongue, which is liberating like you wouldn't believe. With the papilloma on one side and my tooth cavity on the other, it was becoming increasingly awkward to chew.

This Tuesday was Census day! :D I have been waiting three whole years to finally check that "no religion" box. Last time I was still wibbly enough to consider myself "agnostic but spiritual". It's deeply satisfying to finally give official notice that I'm just not convinced any more. Combined with my existing love of filling in forms, it was a highly enjoyable night (and I am a highly unusual dork).

I HAVE A 3DS! I walked into JB Hi-Fi after the price drop announcement but before the actual price drop, and they practically fell over themselves to offer me their Sims 3 bundle with Ocarina instead XD The university has proven quite reliable for StreetPass, too :)

Oh, and the control stick on this thing is magnificent. Back when they remade stuff like Mario64 for the DS, I despaired that 3D action games would ever play nicely on a handheld. I remember thinking specifically about Zelda at the time, never dreaming they would come up with such an enjoyable solution. I've played Ocarina now on N64, GCN and 3DS controllers, and I have to say the 3Ds was the best (though I still find the N64 grip better than the GCN). Seriously, using that controller is almosy disturbingly pleasurable.

On that unsettling note, let me bid you adieu for now. To those for whom I'm working on commissions, I am planning time next week to tackle artistic work. Many thanks for your patience!

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So I finished my first semester at uni with two credits, one HD and a pass in the subject I missed the midterm for. Pretty good times all told ^^ I'm having general hassles with semester two (because I think I should be getting credit for previous XP with databases, and I think the subject coordinator is kind of screwing me) so no fun there >:< But possibly I can convince the lecturer/tutor that I know this shit.

I actually played the 3DS Ocarina remake four about five seconds the other day, so now I HAVE TO HAVE EET. Nintendo y u do dis? DX

Speaking of, Nintendo finally published Pokémon Ranch on Australian WiiWare. Niiice work guys, it's only two generations too late! >.<; My Diamond cart is still MIA until I get it back from the lady who found it at SMASH, so currently Talen's only pokémon are on holidays.

Mum bought herself a new guitar - she finally has an electric acoustic that's small enough to be comfortable for her. Actually she kind of bought herself two by mistake, so now I have a new guitar. If only it didn't remind me how bad I am at playing the guitar >3>; Playing YUI J-pop stuff is a new experience. Still love the Eagles.

Ponies. *sigh*

I've been really good with updating my sites recently ^^ (mostly clean/very very dirty). Importing stuff into PHPMyAdmin from text files is so blissfully easy. Also, I probably haven't mentioned this here before, but I now have accounts on HentaiFoundry and y!Gallery if y'all are interested.

Oh, and I finally bit the bullet tested my Pokémon Black cart after dropping it in the bath a couple months ago. It kinda went crazy when it tried to skip three seasons at once, but aside from that everybody is alive and well (the DS was not so lucky, since it was on at the time). So happy that my dorky pretend monster friends are safe :3

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These aren't groups yet (or I haven't joined 'em) so they still go here:
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Or from March 2010, at least >3>; Hahah, this is well overdue if there ever was such a thing. But I thought it might be good to go back and finish it up, so I could get a bit more of a feel for Sterling and Taj while I'm at it ^^

(Actually Revi is in this one too. Well, kind of :p)


1. In what line of work are you currently engaged?
Sendari: I'm a bounty hunter! Well, kind of. I'm one of those sappy do-gooder types who only goes after bad guys. *looms* Whut, you wanna make something of it? >3>
Kafei: I am Master Runner's Shadow.
Jehan: I'm a princess, of course! ^-^
Elon: Me? Why, I'm a travelling medic, while Adina here is my bodyguard.
Leyla: *thinks for a moment* You know, I don't think I actually have anything you could call a "job". I just... get by.
Alin: No job for meee~! I'm a free spirit ;p
Shadi: *preens* Well, I happen to be one of the greatest fire mages in Hyrule, but that's really just a hobby. The Songbird's true calling is the stage!
Aniya: Bleeeh! Working is for losers! >:3
Nubira: I am a powerful sorceress in the employ of Princess Indira.
Indira: ...Boss of everything |3
Tess: I'm... ah... how to say... in security, that's it! ^_^
Wren: I'm Master Yorel's apprentice ^_^ Though I, ah, may not be very good yet.
Venus: *scowls* The only "job" I'm interested in is finding out who laid this curse and ending them.
Sterling: Captain Marshal Sterling of the Hylian Royal Guard, at your service. *salutes sternly*
Taj: *evasive glance* I am currently employed as an entertainer, of sorts.
Revi: Work? GAH! WHERE?! *vanishes*

2. What do you like about it?
Sendari: Are you kidding? I have the coolest job ever! Everybody wants to be a dashingly handsome bounty hunter with a heart of gold! >|3
Kafei: "Like"? I owe my life to Master Runner. Serving him is my sole purpose.
Jehan: Well... the clothes, the money, the spare time, the food, the sweets, the jewellery, the handsome princes, the spacious living areas...
Elon: *smiles* Helping people is a wonderful thing. I'm most grateful for my gifts.
Adina: *nuzzles Elon vehemently*
Leyla: Freedom is the main draw card - I go where I like, when I like.
Alin: Well, you know, I can pretty much do whatever I like. What could be better? :3
Shadi: *satisfied grin* The attention, of course. I was born to be in the spotlight! Plus the fans are often good for some fun... }3
Aniya: Ain't nothing half as fun as stealin' stuff >:3 What a rush!
Nubira: Obviously, my position accords me the respect and authority somebody of my power deserves! *glances at Indira* ...Almost >_<;
Indira: The authority, obviously. I shall see my people prosper at any cost.
Tess: *downcast* Well... um... actually there's nothing much...
Wren: It's... hard to explain. I think working with nature is very important. If I can help things grow and change, that seems worthwhile to me. :)
Venus: *snarls* Like?
Sterling: A life of purpose is a valuable thing. I can do much good as a knight.
Taj: The lifestyle, of course. For some light performance and conversation, it is highly acceptable.

3. What do you dislike about it?
Sendari: Nothin'! I have the best job evarrr! >:3
Kafei:  *frowns* "Dislike" does not enter into it.
Jehan: Indira! D: She's way too scary >.<; Plus I basically can't leave the palace. Just think of all the fun and adventure I'm missing! :< *Disney Princessing*
Elon: *sighs* I suppose it is a little unfortunate, not being able to settle down. But I don't regret it ^_^
Leyla: I wouldn't say there's anything in particular. If something bothers me, I change it.
Alin: Well, the "being a ghost" part sucks :<
Shadi: Oh, the pressures of stardom! *dramatic swoon* ...Wait, no, I love those too. I guess nothing >:3
Aniya: *shrugs* Sucks havin' ta sleep in the barn sometimes, I guess. And getting chased off before breakfast.
Nubira: *glares daggers at Indira* Need you really ask?
Indira: *smugs* It's so hard to find good help.
Tess: My boss ¬_¬;
Wren: Some of the heavy lifting is a little awkward >.<;
Venus: *seethe* Where do you want me to start? The enforced amnesia, perhaps? The prospect of living forever without even the ability to age? The simply asinine concept of making somebody forget the very thing that is central to their crime? Goodness, what could I possibly have to be upset about?! D:<
Sterling: *sighs* I am... less than comfortable attending formal events.
Taj: It is... not exactly my first choice.

4. If you could pick a different job, what would it be?
Sendari: No way, I ain't swapping! >.<;
Kafei: Out of the question.
Jehan: Hmm... is there a job like "princess", but without the obligations? ^_^;
Elon: I should like to try owning a farm, if my healing talents were not needed abroad ^_^
Adina: *chews Elon's hair possessively*
Leyla: Privateer. Though, if I ever did settle down, I'd rather like to run a burlesque. Interested? ;p
Alin: Ooh, I'd like to try all kinds of things! I could be a chef... or a knight... or a poet... or a wizard... *rambles*
Shadi: *nonchalant* Well, I could always be a teacher or a scholar or a sage or something. But I'd really rather stick with singer.
Aniya: Mnuh? *shrugs* What are the options?
Nubira: *points at Indira* Hers, or course!
Indira: *shrugs* I suppose I could be the Princess of two countries...
Tess: Pretty much anything :<
Wren: I suppose I could be a farmer or herbalist or something... but I like it better here. *nods*
Venus: How about "warrior without stupid asinine curse"? >_<;
Sterling: *stern* I would not. I think here is where I can do the most good.
Taj: Ah... 6_6; I would be well-suited to... government?

5. Are you considered to work for a good or evil organization?
Sendari: Oh, I'm a good organisation all right...
Kafei: Inasmuch as Master Runner can be called an "organisation", he is certainly a force for good.
Jehan: Weeeell... ^^; We have kind of a varying reputation. But we're not all bad! Really! Just my sister... and her henchman... and Ganondorf... and Twinrova... Bwaaaa~ *flails*
Elon: *laughs* I believe Lon Lon Ranch can be thought as "the good guys" ^_^
Leyla: I'm bad, but I'm not evil ^.~
Alin: Um... pass? :p
Shadi: Naughty but good ^.~
Aniya: I work for m'self! :3 So I guess you can be the judge a' that.
Nubira: Evil, I suppose. Hah! It is the way of those who cannot escape their own weakness, to label those who possess power as "evil".
Indira: Perhaps we are considered evil... but if that is what is necessary to protect ourselves, then so be it.
Tess: Ummm... 9.9;;;
Wren: Good, of course! Master Yorel and I would never work for the forces of evil.
Venus: Apparently I used to work for the Garo... I'm sure "bastards" is closer to "evil" than "good". But currently, I have no intent of helping those who mean ill.
Sterling: The Royal Guard stands for all Hyrule considers good and just.
Taj: I have heard some untoward rumours. They seem rather far-fetched.

6. Do you have any enemies through your work?
Sendari: Weeeell, I kinda pissed off lots of the Gerudo. Mostly Nubira. And the Hyrule town guard - they have no sense of humour! >:<
Kafei: Many, none of which are your concern.
Jehan: *whispers* Indira really doesn't like me! And Nubira. And anyone who dislikes Gerudo, I guess.
Elon: No particular enemies, I shouldn't think. Of course, many monsters and shadows hate all practitioners of light magic... but I try not to take things personally ^_^
Leyla: One big one, and an assortment of rivals. It's sort of a private matter, though.
Alin: Nah, everybody loves me :D
Shadi: Aside from a particular Gerudo who'd like to catch me, no genuine enemies. *smug smile* I'm just too likeable.
Aniya: Me? Nahhh. S'all in good fun. Coppers dun' seem to agree though 9.9;
Nubira: Enemies? Everywhere. You can't wield the kind of power I do without resentment.
Indira: All enemies of the Gerudo are my enemies!
Tess: I... uh... well, yes, I guess I have to say I do u.u;
Wren: I've fought certain creatures for the sake of the forest, but they're not my enemies, personally.
Venus: I make it my business to consider other Garo my enemies, until they can prove otherwise. There are others too, of course, but they're hardly worth mentioning.
Sterling: *nods* Many. But this is the nature of such work.
Taj: I do not think young Kaliq thinks highly of me.

7. If you could make anyone take your job for a day, who would it be?
Sendari: I already told you, I ain't swapping! ):| Though... I guess it would be funny to make that bitch Nubira sleep on the ground for a day XD
Kafei: *looks alarmed* I would trust nobody else!
Jehan: Hmmmm, I'm not sure! Lots of people would like to be a princess for a day, I expect. Maybe Kumar! That would be funny XD
Elon: *deapan* Ganondorf. He should have to go around helping people for a day.
Adina: *still chewing Elon's hair possessively*
Leyla: Anybody who's particularly uptight or self-denialist. They need to learn that desire is healthy!
Alin: *shrugs* Like I said, it's not much of a job. Whoever wanted it, I guess...
Shadi: Hey! You're making my job sound like a punishment >:< If was gonna "make" someone take a job, it'd be a crappy one!
Aniya: Aw, hell, everbody should try this once. This is livin'!
Nubira: You need to ask? Clearly, Indira should be my second-in-command, not the other way about.
Indira: *clenches a fist* Never! This position is my duty as well as my right. I've no intent to share it!
Tess: Anybody! <:< Just get me out!
Wren: ...Maybe Venus? She seems so angry. Maybe it would help...
Venus: *darkly* I would never wish this upon anybody.
Sterling: *thinks* Hm. It would be unwise to choose somebody with no combat expertise, and I expect choosing one of the other knights would be considered cheating. Therefore... one of the thieves' guild members. If would be a positive experience.
Taj: Ask again when I've actually been here a time.

8. Do you have a boss or are you self employed?
Sendari: I'm da boss! :D
Kafei: I believe we have adequately covered this matter.
Jehan: *serious* I believe I work for my people.
Elon: I would be considered my own employer, I believe ^^
Adina: *chewing*
Leyla: If it's not already clear... I am the master of my own destiny.
Alin: *giggles*
Shadi: Well, I'm hired by taverns and such for performances, if that counts.
Aniya: Ahh... I'd hafta work first :p
Nubira: *glares* I'm going to pretend you didn't ask such a stupid question.
Indira: I work for my people. Such is the nature of royalty.
Tess: For somebody else... u.u;
Wren: Well, I have a Master ^^; I'm only an apprentice.
Venus: *spits* Guess.
Sterling: My employer is the kingdom, of course, and I have both superiors and suboardinates.
Taj: *shifts uncomfortably* ...I suppose the answer is now yes.

9. Where do you live? (If it's in Castle Town, an idea of the section of town you're in would be helpful.)
Sendari: Wherever I please, baby! I'm a free woman :D
Kafei: I have no permanent residence.
Jehan: Why, in the Gerudo palace of course ^_^
Elon: Well, we have lived on Lon Lon Ranch in the past, but commonly we travel from place to place.
Leyla: I travel around. It's one of the perks.
Alin: I'm kiiind of stuck in Kakariko. I think this is where I... changed >.<;
Shadi: I travel around, but mostly I live in Castle Town.
Aniya: Whatev'r. I go where I want!
Nubira: Gerudo Valley, of course! I would never lower myself to living anywhere else.
Indira: In my palace in Gerudo Valley, naturally.
Tess: In a sort of... cave fortress, in Nightspass. I'm sort of stuck.
Wren: In the Mondream Wood, in a little village called Telbar.
Venus: Nowhere. I travel as required.
Sterling: My residence, such as it is, is in Castle Town's military district.
Taj: I shall reside in Labrynna for the foreseeable future.

10. What's your home like?
Sendari: Brilliant! The best! XD
Kafei: Unpleasant.
Jehan: It's quite nice, really n_n I mean, of course I'd like to see more of the world, but I do like it here as well.
Elon: *smiling* Noisy, exhausting, and always busy. Absolutely lovely.
Leyla: What, you mean travelling about as I please? Suits me just fine.
Alin: Boooooooriiiiiiiiing >3>
Shadi: *shrugs* It's all right, I guess. It's not a stupid desert at least >3>;
Aniya: S'the greatest! >:3
Nubira: Hot, dry, and superior to any other place in the world.
Indira: *smirky* Appropriately unforgiving.
Tess: Dark and cold and empty D:
Wren: It's nice and quite ^_^
Venus: Regrettable.
Sterling: It is more than adequate, though I have little choice as long as I wish to remain a knight.
Taj: Safe, for the time being.

11. Have a dream home?
Sendari: *spreads her arms wide, attempting to gesture to all of Hyrule at once* Baby, this is a dream home. What more could you want?
Kafei: *looks away, frowning* No.
Jehan: Maybe not forever, but I'd like to live in a Hylian-style castle for a while. They're so exotic and exciting! n_n
Elon: Adina and I would love to own a big farm like Lon Lon Ranch, one day ^_^
Leyla: Remember what I said about a burlesque? ;p
Alin: I have eleven! :D
Shadi: Oh, nothing too complicated... just a secluded little mansion in the highlands, with a private lake and a handsome staff of thirty or so...
Aniya: Oh, sure, one day I'll buy a big house with muh ill-gotten furtune! Nyeh heh heh. Then I'll sell it so's I c'n steal it back! XD
Nubira: *scowl* More of a dream quarters. Sooner or later I shall be where I belong.
Indira: Leave here? Don't be ridiculous.
Tess: Umm... anywhere that isn't here? ^^;
Wren: *smiles* Right here is fine for me.
Venus: Tcheh. Wasteful fantasies.
Sterling: I haven't considered such a thing. Perhaps I should.
Taj: *looks away* I am partial to desert regions.

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Thanks for the birthday love guys ^^ Sorry I've been completely absent from dA lately... I really wasn't prepared for the uni workload >3>; Nonetheless, I have exams this week and then some actual free time, in which I will hopefully get to post a little more.

I have been adding new work to my websites, (clean) and (dirty), mostly because I'm using MySQL and therefore I can do batch imports from a text file >3>; Hell, the main reason I posted lots to dA for a while there was because it was easier than manually updating my bigass website. Now, it's the other way around ^_^; Also, I've been uploading to my sites because I've been on a giant porn kick lately, which is not welcome here ^_^; I can't help it, Skri and Nubira make me want to draw dirty >3>;

So, I guess what I'm saying is, check them pages for new stuff, because I'm probably going to my dA only for occasional highlights and club stuff, like I used to. But I'll still be around. For ZOCC, if nothing else <3

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I finished my website!

It is so awesome it makes me weep. It is all PHPriffic. And full of porn.

I am a happy Fox |3

A tired, happy Fox.


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So, I kind of figured my uni application was screwed after the TAFE failed to get their shit together and give me my diploma until last week. And then screwed it up anyway. But I went in yesterday and harrassed them until I got results (actually they were quite nice) and somehow, I seem to have gotten into uni.

Once again, my life changes suddenly and when I really don't expect it to. It may well be the only way things ever change for me, given how complacently content I am the rest of the time ^^;
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Welcome to 2011. Let's be good :3
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You are a Romantic Seme!
A true romantic, you're safest sticking with a partner who is gentle and can appreciate your mature, loving ways and protective nature. Most often found with a handful of roses and wine, you are committed to your partner and their happiness, which makes you a perfect match for the Innocent Uke, who you will dedicate yourself to and lavish with gifts and attention.

Most compatible with: Innocent Uke, Clueless Uke
Least compatible with: Badass Uke, Dramatic Uke

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or get  seme/uke merch..

More entertaining in light of my original/dubious result of Sadistic Seme. Let Fox take care of you, fufufufu...

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Totally stolen from :iconlock-of-hyrule:.

1. First thing you wash in the shower?
Umm... I dunno, I just shower o_o Is there supposed to be a procedure?

2. What color is your favorite hoodie?
Don't wear hoodies, my gut doesn't like them.

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
Duh :p

4. Do you plan outfits?
On special occasions (like weddings or something) I do make an effort for the sake of my friends/family. Otherwise hell no.

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?
Slightly congested, kind of listless.

(What the devil happened to 6-9?)

10. What are you craving right now?

11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

12. Do you make prank calls?
I made a couple when I was a kid... got over it quick.

13. Ever hooked up with some one out of state?
Not really. But then. that's a big ask in this country :p

14. Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?
Talen? :3

15. Would you dance to the taco song?
I dunno what the "taco song" is, but since this quiz is mentioning it it's probably safe to assume I hate it. And the apocalypse will come before I am persuaded to dance.

16. Have you ever counted to 1,000?
Er... not that I can recall. Unless counting KiSS objects counts? :3

17. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
Lick, or bite with side teeth, or so of "gum" with my lip folded over my teeth. I got sensitive front teeth :<

18. Do you like anyone right now?
Of course.

19. What do you think of crickets?

20. Have you ever met a celebrity?
I was on Good Morning Australia when I first tried to get publisher interest in my bad childhood writing, so I met Suzie Eleman XD Also I have a Grug book signed by Ted Prior.

21. Do you like cottage cheese?
Yuck, no. First rule of cheese is it needs to be solid when not melty >.<; (Second rule is no blue. Third rule is never eat American pizza.)

22. What are you listening to right now?
Me and Talen snuffling, the comforting sound of my computer fan.

(Nooo, 23-24, I pine for yoooouuuu~)

25. Would you go sky diving?
Probably. I mean, assuming somebody else was paying for it >3>

26. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?
Probably not. He's a dope.

27. Would you throw potatoes at him?
Meh, only if he did something new to piss me off in particular. I feel no need to chase him down or anything.

28. Is there anything sparkly on you?
You must have me confused with a girl :p

30. Do you rent movies often?
Nah. I had a mail-order DVD rental thng set up, but it was a monthly fee and I never remembered to swap them >3>

31. Who sits behind you in your math class?
Uh... I am not in school any more. And when I was, we didn't have prearranged seating. That's just weird.

(32? 33? ...Anyone?)

34. Can you count backwards from 74?
I assume so...?

35. Who are you going to be with tonight?

36. Brown or white egg?
White. Apparently most people think brown look nicer, but I don't. And since they are identical otherwise, I feel the need to support the underappreciated white egg.

(This space reserved for 37?)

38. Ever been on a train?
Of course.

39. Ever told someone you loved them?

40. Do you have a cell phone?
Yeah, I got a kind of old mobile phone. I told myself polyphonic was okay, but I would never go MP3. And no cameras!

41. Are you a virgin?

42. Any kids?
Oh hells no.

43. What is your best friend doing tomorrow?
Probably City of Heroes and porn. You realise it's Talen, right? :p

44. Ever had cream puffs?
No, but then, I despise fake cream. Eeeuch >__<

45. Ever had Breaded Shrimp?
No, I don't like prawns. Or any seafood, really.

46. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?

47. What was the last question you asked?
You realise it's Talen, right? :p

48. What was the last CD you bought?
Humm... Roy Zimmerman, I think. I don't often buy CDs as opposed to MP3s.

49. What is/was your bus number for school?
I'm Australian. Or school buses dont' have numbers, they are labelled as "School Special".

(50? Aw fuckit, why am I bothering >3>)

51. Is your hair curly?
Nah, just kind of wavy.

52. Last time you cried?
Last night, being cranky at one player's inability to grasp roleplay putting a very annoying note into an otherwise pleasant game session.

53. Ever walked into a wall?
No doubt.

54. Ever walked UP a wall?
Uh... whut? Of course not.

55. Have you ever bought anything from PacSun?
The hell is that?

56. Favorite time of the year?
Late autumn/early winter, when you can smell the change of seasons. Mmmm~.

57. Whats your favorite number?

58. Favorite colors?
Khaki, turquoise, tasteful tan, golden yellow, rusty red, steely blue, black.

59. Do you have any piercings?
Just ears. Sometimes I wonder why; it's not like I ever change them.

60. Do you have any tattoos?
Nah. My sister was gonna buy me one when I turned eighteen, but I just couldn't find the perfect design. No way I was gonna get something permanently inked unless it was perfect.

(I'm just gonna stop asking.)

62. Do you sleep with the TV on?
Gawd no! What a damn waste >:< If you do that, slap yourself for me right now.

65. Do you like your life right now?
Oh hells yes. Okay, sure, I need to lose weight and I really would like to have a job money. But... I have a marriage that is so natural as to be second nature, I have a place to live and enough money to get by, I have wonderful friends, a good relationship with my family, the cutest pets in existence, and tremendous pride in who I am. It's not perfect, but it still kicks ass.

66. How do you feel about 'love'?
I hear a lot of "realists" talking about how love is hard, love is work, love is to be fought for. Well, my relationship with Talen has been nothing if not a cavalcade of things that people have warned me not to do. Don't have sex before marriage. Don't marry young. Never work together. Have separate friends. Spend time apart and you'll be happier. You will have to "make it work".

Well, BAH on all of them. My relationship with Talen has never been in the slightest bit difficult; that's one of the things that set it apart from the other relationships I had. Even when I had "dated" people in the past, I still wanted them to just go away and leave me alone sometimes. Talen was never like that; even when he annoyed me or we got into a fight, I wanted to be with him. By the time I first kissed him, I never had anything but absolute certainty that this was love, and we were going to be together. It would have been a fairytale romance, except for the part where we "flirted" by drawing dirty pictures of our self-insert characters and "dated" by playing Pokémon Stadium.

So what I have learned about love is exactly this: Fuckin' stop telling other people how it works. Love is intensely personal, and you can't just apply blanket statements to it. Stop acting like your preconceptions apply to other people, and just accept that love you don't understand can still be love!

Also, sex is okay; stop treating virginity like a precious fucking gift that makes you dirty if you don't treasure it. Fuck that shit.

67. What is your favorite animal?
OHHHHH So many! >_<; Badger, Ratel, Tasmanian Devil, Wolverine, Ferret, Rat, Wombat... okay, so basically I like short, stubby, tough little critters with ferocious territorial urges and huge appetites. Oh my gawd, your favourite animal is a reflection of yourself! O:

69. Do you have good vision?
Right eye almost 100%, left eye... well, I have to wear glasses constantly now. WTF is going on there? >.<;

70. Can you hula hoop?
Yeah, but I don't like doing it much.

72. Do you have a job?
No u_u;

74. What are you wearing?
Ugg boots, ankle socks, three-quarter khaki cargo pants, Penny Arcade nerd shirt, glasses, and a huge black-and-white/brown splotched woolen coat thing that has been affectionally dubbed "the yeti rug".

75. What does your hair look like?
About shoulder-length, dark brown, slightly wavy, ponytailed, fairly clean right now, badly in need of a trim.

76. Ever climbed out a window?
Yes! Mostly when I forgot my keys.

77. Can you handle the truth?
I like to think so.

78. What was the most recent thing you bought?

79. How often do you talk on the phone?
Hardly ever. I hate phones. Actually, I am ashamed to admit I till have teenytiny panic attacks when the phone rings; it comes from having had a boss who called up randomly to deliver drunken verbal abuse, including mocking my weight and maligning my marriage for not being Christian.

80. What's the longest you talked to someone on the phone?
A few hours I think. I had a freind/fan in South Africa once who made some long calls. Also Talen once sang Gilbert & Sullivan to me over the phone.

81. Do you hate/dislike more than 3 people?

83. Are you sarcastic?
What kind of a question is that? -_-;

84. Have you ever slapped someone?
I'm more of a punching person, but yeah, I think so.

85. Do looks matter?
Yeah, of course. They're not the only thing that matters, of course, but anybody who says they don't matter at all is probably lying (people with actual visual impairments excepted, of course)

86. Do you use chapstick?
Yeah, I lick my lips a lot >3>;

87. Are you too forgiving?
Nah, I don't think so.

88. Do you own something from Hot Topic?
Australia yo.

89. Do you own a gun?
Pffffft. Of course not. What am I, a cop? A farmer? Some Yank Libertarian wanker? I got no use for a gun.

90. Where are you located?
Cringila. It is an ancient aboriginal word meaning "next to BHP".

91. Have you ever been in a castle?
Naw, I wish :<

92. Do you like your hair?
No! It's dull, hard to control, and gives me headaches if I part it the slightest bit crooked >.<;

93. Do you like yourself?
Yes! I am awesome >:3

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I am back.

The Australian election was awesome.

That is all for now.
To everybody who's sending me notes or wondering where I am or possibly wishing I was roleplaying with them (yeah yeah, my ego is huge... whatever), please bear with me for one more week. I'm covered under a pile of TAFE work right now which is already late, and a will fail if I don't get it done in the next few days; on the bright side, I do only have that one week left before the class finished and I get diploma'd. So, please understand. I'm not ignoring you, I just really need to concentrate to keep my shit together for one more week.

The week after TAFE finishes will be dedicated to commissions. I'm well aware of those I am behind on, and I promise I will give them the attention they deserve as soon as I make sure I don't fail my classes. Please forgive me.

Also, ASPX is ARSE.

See you in a week, guys.
Holy sheet I have a long list of characters now =_= And I didn't even include Revi. There will prolly be typos all over the place because tired Fox is tired, but whatever. I'll fix 'em later.

It's from :iconzelda-oc-club:, where else?

PS this is kind of kinky and adult. Run away now if you can't stand allusions to rough sex.

Kafei: ... *doesn't wanna play this time*
Runner: *pats Kafei's shoulder* It'll be okay. Just answer them truthfully. For me?
Kafei: *conflicted look* ... *sigh* As you wish, Master.

1. What's your favorite romantic movie, comedic or otherwise?

[ Sorry, Fox is skipping this question on acount of she hasn't watched a romantic movie since she lived with her mum/sister. ]

2.What's your favorite eye color in a lover?

Sendari: Somethin' soft and purty...
Kafei: ...Blue.
Jehan: *thinking back on trashy romance books* Something stern, like maybe steely blue or dark grey...
Elon: *smiles* Oh, I don't mind that sort of thing much. Adina says blue, though.
Leyla: Something exotic. I like a nice red or yellow, perhaps mauve...
Alin: I dunno... purple?
Shadi: Something dark and romantic.
Nubira: *deathglares at Indira* Whatever isn't purple.
Indira: *smirk* I've always liked how a certain green shade looks when it's trying not to cry...
Tesselae: I'm not sure - what colour do you like? :3
Wren: *blushes* Violet.
Aniya: Dunno. Blue?
Venus: I don't care. Don't ask stupid questions.

3. What's the first feature you notice in a potential lover?

Sendari: Probably a beautiful, slender figure... >3>
Kafei: *privately recalling that he was temporarily blinded at the time* ...His voice.
Jehan: A certain bold, rogueish charm... #^.^#
Elon: Definitely kindness. We must always be kind, dear.
Adina: *snorts in agreement*
Leyla: Baggage. It's easy to spot if you know how.
Alin: A sense of humour! Hee hee XD
Shadi: Oooooh... shouldersbackcheststomach. *purrs* I love a guy with a killer body.
Nubira: Power sufficient to be useful to me - or at least sufficient respect for my position.
Indira: *smirks again* Why, somebody who's amusing to play with, of course.
Tesselae: Hummm... I suppose... confidence? Only strong people pique my interest. They don't need to be physically strong, but powerful in one way or another, yes.
Wren: *turns pinkish, looking away* Uhm... hands. Big, warm, gentle hands.
Aniya: Shape, I guess. Gotta be pretty fit to keep up wit' me >:3
Venus: Ch, what a ridiculous survey. I notice the same thing first about everybody - whether or not they're a threat.

4. Care to tell us about your first 'roll in the hay?'

Sendari: Ooh, she was a pretty li'l thing... a barmaid with the softest hair you ever touched. Always smelled like the fireplace. 'Course I didn't know what I was doin' back then either, but she said it was wonderful... she was prolly lyin'. Sweet girl though. I should look her up.
Kafei: *winces* I... have not had any such relations.
Jehan: *bright red* W-what? Oh, n-no, certainly not! That would be completely inappropriate for a Princess! #>.<#
Elon: *light, musical laugh* Oh my! I don't think we can talk about that, I barely know you! *waves a hand* Not to worry though, I have a very stable relationship.
Leyla: *sighs* Ahh, he was a lovely boy. So insecure, though - he did everything to win his father's respect, but of course he never could. Well, I just helped him out a little - you know, showed him how beautiful he was. And you know, the very next day, he told the old man where to shove it and walked clean out of there. *smiles* I think he's married now, but, as I told him, exiled princes never do have trouble finding girlfriends.
Alin: I don't remember! I don't even know if there was one! That is SO SAD! ;___;
Shadi: *fistclenches, eyetwitches* Gerudo bitch! Heh. You don't get much choice when you're basically a glorified trophy, see? *snorts* But look at me now, right? Joke's on her! Damn' right!
Nubira: *mutters something under her breath*
Indira: Go on, dear, let the nice people hear you say it.
Nubira: *hisses stiffly through clenched teeth* I... was... honoured... to... serve... my... Mistress...
Indira: *pets Nubira's hair, smiling wickedly* That's exactly right. >|3
Tesselae: *blushes with calculated prettiness* Oh, I've not done anything like that yet. I do hope it's nice!
Wren: Whut?! No! I - I've never done any such thing! >:< *blushblushblush*
Aniya: Oh! I bet you wanna know! Kinky li'l survey. But I ain't tellin'.
Venus: *laughs bitterly* I would tell you proudly if I even knew. Ironic, isn't it?

5. If Cupid shot you with an arrow, you would...

Sendari: Resist it! ):< Sendari's affections are between her and the beatiful ladies. Or boys. But definitely not silly magical babies! *huffs*
Kafei: I do not believe in such frivolous things.
Jehan: *pales* My archery teacher told me about Cupid. She's a spirit of lust who rides around on her mighty thrashing steed and shoots mortals through the heart if they resist her love! Scary! D:> I think I'd do whatever she wanted!
Elon: *soft laugh* That's sweet, but a little childish, isn't it? I don't think we need fairytales to find the ones we love.
Leyla: *smiles* Really, come on... those things are just an excuse for when we want to lose control. I don't need stories like that to justify my actions ;p
Alin: Ooh, ohh, steal his bow! XD I could have soooo much fun with that!
Shadi: Dunno, is he hot? >|3
Nubira: *scowls* I have no care to be compelled to love anybody, thank you.
Indira: Laugh.
Tesselae: *giggles* Well, I'd certainly be curious to see who he picked...
Wren: *looks away, smiling and twiddling fingers* 'M'not sure... Maybe it's already happened...
Aniya: Reckon he could tag me? I'm pretty quick. >|3
Venus: Take him out, of course.

6. What's your idea of a perfect date?

Sendari: Why, she'd be held captive by an evil wizard or a monster or something. Not mistreated, but locked away from the world, trapped in a gilded cage! Then, just as all hope seems lost, I'd charge in, headbutt the bad guy, shoulder-charge the door while it was on fire, and sweep her off her feet! Aww yeah XD Of course she'd want to thank me somehow, but I'd refuse nobly because it would be wrong to take advantage. But then she'd defy her father to run away with me! Because after a bit of rough you can't go back. Yes yes. *pauses* ... Whaddaya mean that's not a date? >:<
Kafei: *looks imploringly at Runner*
Runner: You promised, my shadow.
Kafei: *bites his lip, flushing hotly* I... I may had a "date" once, but I could not do the same thing again. It would suffice to be in the company of... that person.
Jehan: Oh, how terrible of you to ask! #^.^# I should like a long, romantic horseback ride ending on the shores of Lake Hylia at sunset... *sighs dreamily* Then, as the night grew colder, we could retire inside with an open fire... oh, how bad!... *drifts off into dreamyland*
Elon: Ah, well, I think Jehana has the right idea. Definitely... horse riding. ^_^
Leyla: Tell me, son, have you heard of "pegging"?
Alin: *thinks* The best date would be... with a wizard! So we could see the whole world! :3
Shadi: Prison sex >|3 What, what? Geez. Okay then... I guess just a nice meal or some dancing. Whatever. You people're no fun.
Nubira: Ahh, a night at the arena! >:3 We would be rivals at first, but after I defeat them in single combat, they concede my superiority! Then, in recognition of their own not inconsiderable power, I allow them to serve at my side.
Indira: My throne, your knees. Don't disappoint me.
Tesselae: Oh, I'm sure I'd enjoy just doing whatever you'd like to do ^_^
Wren: Evening in the willow glade, just as the fireflies come out. Master Yorel took me there me when I was younger... it's the most beautiful place in the world. *sighs happily*
Aniya: *rubs her nose* How about a race through the town? Loser buys dinner! :D
Venus: Nothing. This "date" nonsense sounds like an utter waste of my time.

7. Whose drink would you spike with pink chu jelly?

*everybody points at Kafei*
Kafei: ;____;

8. Where did you first meet your spouse/significant other? If you have neither, then tell us about your crush or it's Chinese drip torture for you.

Sendari: *looks wistful* Dun' have one. Or a crush, even... well, I'm diggin' on Rath, but he's not even from my world most of the time. So I got nothin'.
Kafei: Runner saved my life when I would have died in the Desert of Illusions.
Sendari: *points!* ZOMG! He admitted it!
Kafei: *blushscowl* I was merely explaining that as I owe my life to Runner, he is my Master and I have no time for... romantic entanglements.
Sendari: Riiiiiiiigght. :p
Jehan: *blush, smile, twiddle fingers* Well, there's nobody like that now... but maybe there will be soon...
Elon: *giggles* Why, I've known her all her life. You could say we grew up together.
Leyla: I'm afraid you're out of luck, I have none of those things. I just like to help the ones who need it - in exchange for a little recharge, of course.
Alin: I don't have oooone~! *sulks*
Shadi: Consider me unattached for now. Speaking of which, know any athletic guys about six inches taller than me?...
Nubira: *snorts* Feh. There is no person I feel any such affection for.
Indira: Heh. *smirks* Likewise.
Tesselae: *sighs* There's nobody special in my life right now. It's a little complicated.
Wren: *wibbles, arms flailing* Noo, noo, I can't! It's a secret! <:<
Aniya: *hands on hips* I'm a free woman, nosey survey person, nothin' gonna hold me down. Unless you got someone interesting hidin' back there.
Venus: *nosewrinkles* Are you daft? I've no time for such nonsense.

9. What's your idea of a romantic kiss?

Sendari: *poses with rose between teeth* She trembles in my arms as I hold her delicate form gently, but firmly... as my lips draw close to hers she turns away, hair falling over her eyes as she blushes prettily. But I catch her chin and kiss her anyway, and her eyes widen in shock for but a moment before she melts desperately into my embrace...
Fox: Wait a freakin' minute, how'd you learn to talk like that >3>;
Sendari: I copied it outta one of Jehan's dirty books. See? :D
Fox: Yeah you do. What about you, emobait?
Kafei: *eyes hidden by blush and bowed head* ...
Fox: Yeeeeeah, there' no way he's admitting that one. Okay, I'm thinking it's him trying not to look "Master" in the eyes, Runner lifting his chin with one finger and holding him firmly so he has an excuse to not run away.
Kafei: *dies in blush*
Jehan: *pouts, flushing red* S'the one Sendari stole.
Fox: I bet it is >|3
Elon: *hand to mouth* Why, anything passionate, I should think. Of all things, surely a kiss is what you make of it.
Adina: *snorts, munching on Sendari's rose*
Leyla: *smiiiile* One hand in your hair and your lip between my teeth. If passion doesn't scare you a little, you're not trying hard enough.
Alin: All types of kisses! Sticking to one would be boring >.<
Shadi: You! *points an accusing finger at Leyla* You stole my kiss, you purple-headed harlot!
Leyla: ...Call me that again and you'll take a lot more than that ~_~
Nubira: Kiss? ...Why waste time with anything so sentimental?
Indira: Rough, demanding, undeniable. Maybe with a hint of tears.
Tesselae: *giggles* I'm sure you could come up with something that would make my heart flutter ^_^
Wren: Nothing unusual. Just... gentle, and loving :3
Aniya: The one I steal :p
Venus: *waves a hand, scowling a little less than normal* Whatever sort you prefer, I suppose. It hardly matters.

10. What's your take on marriage?

Sendari: Well, it's a nice idea if you want it, but I dun' think everybody should be pressured to settle down with just one person. It's more like a symbol, yeh? To show everyone else you're exclusive. But I don't reckon it's for me ^_^;
Kafei: The bond between a shadow and his Master can be neither broken nor shared. My life belongs to Runner alone.
Jehan: Like Hylians do? Hmm... it's kind of unusual. My people don't have such a thing between men and women, of course, as there is rarely more than one man among us. But we do have that sort of bonding ceremony. If it makes people happy, then it must be good :)
Elon: It seems a fine idea, as long as all parties concerned are happy with it ^_^
Leyla: *frowns a little* Well, it works for some folks, but personally I think it's a bit of a foolish construct. Love is love, you know - you can't force it to fit anybody's rules. Some people want commitment and some people don't - that's fine, and that's how it should be.
Alin: *thinking* ...Sounds a little boring, I guess. Why limit your options?
Shadi: I don't see myself settling down any time soon. That would sure take someone special.
Nubira: A relationship of equals, sealed by law and social acceptance? I'd rather die.
Indira: ...For once, I agree with my pet here.
Tesselae: I suppose it's a fine thing. What do you think?
Wren: *srsface* It is a noble thing! A willing bond between two souls is a thing of beauty.
Aniya: Maybe, but I ain't ready to be tied down just yet.
Venus: A quaint, old-fashioned notion. But people will do as they like.

11. How about kids?

Sendari: Aw hell no. *taps her stomach* No can do, conveniently enough. But even if I could, I'm just not that kind of woman XD
Kafei: ...No.
Jehan: *instablush* O-oh, no, no, definitely not, I, um, that's just not - I can't - um. No! >___<;
Elon: A-ara? ^^;;; Well, ah, that is an odd thought. I do like children very much, though. Perhaps one day.
Leyla: Fortunately not - actually it's one of the first spells I learned. Safety first, you know.
Alin: Goddesses, you would trust me with children? D:> Even I know that's crazy!
Shadi: I don't think it works that way... XD
Nubira: I'm a warrior! I have no time for such things!
Indira: *sniffs haughtily* I won't lower myself to breeding with anything but a pureblood Gerudo - and there are none with the required tools right now.
Tesselae: You mean, for me? I don't... think that's very likely ... ^ ^;;;;
Wren: Oh, I'm far too young for children... anyway, I have the plants and animals of the forest, instead :3
Aniya: HAW! I dun' like your chances.
Venus: *hiss* Are you out of your tiny mind? How could I bring a child into a situation like this?

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These characters are from Shadow of the Ages, a Legend of Zelda game which started out as a fanfic called Secrets of the Shadow, then evolved into an RPG running under Big Eyes, Small Mouth, then became a fanfic again, then an RPG for a potential new system, and is now under construction in RPG Maker XP. I suppose you could say that while the media is under debate, the story and the characters are more or less constant.

Shadow of the Ages is a sequel to Ocarina of Time which disregards any other TLoZ titles. The story is set seven years after Ganondorf's defeat at the end of the Ocarina storyline, working on the principle that Zelda would not have been able to turn back time after these events without causing a paradox - however, Link has mysteriously vanished from Hyrule, and if anybody knows where he is they're not telling. All of the events in Ocarina's storyline have come to pass, and the focal characters of this story will be those who have lived through those events. The characters are not somehow chosen by destiny, but simply people who get caught up in things along the way, whether they intend to or not.

BTW, as a general note on SotA - if you have problems with my development of canonical races/ histories/characters... please just relax and get over it. You have your continuity, I have mine - and honestly, don't you have better things to do than bitch about someone's fanfic? ^_^;


:new: Last Update: Venus remodels, sketches, group shots.



The Website
This is the old SotA website I made back when the game was gonna be a PBeM, rehashed and resurrected 'cus I figured it'd be a good way to establish setting information and such for SotA. It still has rules from the PBeM days, so just ignore those, but the rest is still pretty relevant ^^

Stuff relating to the backstories of characters, and the world, which is secret for the sake of story an' drama and such. If you want to know it, like for the sake of roleplaying and stuff, you can check this spoilers list (arranged by character, hidden unless you highlight it - or override my choice of text colour with your default ;p).

The Quiz Journal
A huge-arsed character questionnaire I did for most of the SotA characters. If I do more of this sort of thing, I think I'll put it here for simplicity's sake.

ZOCC Meme 1
And "interview" type mem passed around by Zelda-OC-Club. Just a few more in-character questions to establish tone and character voice and all that neat stuff ^^

The Grand SotA Mary-Sue Test!
In the spirit of the Zelda-OC-Club, I ran the SotA cast through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test. Just some dorky fun :p



The main character (who actually belongs to my love Talen). A young bowman who, with no memory of his past, woke up one morning with a lynch mob after him. Was granted refuge by Saria in exchange for pledging his service to the Forest Sage, which included being transformed into a sort of sentient plant (yes, the flowers behind his ears are actually growing there).
The Open Book (colour)
The Open Book (ink)
Sketchy colour ref
Sketchy Fighting Pose
CRPG faces (left)
RMXP sprite sheet
Old design, with Pratl

Sendari (Profile)
A gigantic, brawny, half-Gerudo bounty hunter who is outrageously badass. Sendari is a bit of an outcast, but that hasn't stopped her from being a die-hard optimist who believes powerfully in doing the right thing. And, when opportunity presents itself, an incorrigible perv.
Sendari is the closest thing I have to an LoZ avatar, if you're looking for one. She isn't me, not by any stretch, but I identify with her better than any of the others.
One-Girl Army (colour)
One-Girl Army (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy ighting Pose
RMXP sprite sheet
Current design
CRPG faces (bottom centre)
Evil chibi (old)
Old design 2 (old)
Old design 1 (old)

Kafei (Profile)
An exiled Sheikah with the gift of astral projection ("Dreamwalking"), Kafei is wholly devoted to Runner after the archer saved his life in the the Desert of Illusions. He is a very dutiful and serious individual, who cannot conceal the complex emotional damage of his past nearly as well as he'd like to. Knows more about the Sheikah, and Link's whereabouts, than is good for him.
Regarding Majora's Mask, Kafei is more like an OC than the same character from that game, but there's some technical difficulty - check his profile if you want an explanation.
The Deep Forest (colour)
The Deep Forest (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy fighting Pose
CRPG faces (top centre)
Final design
RMXP sprite sheet
Original concept (old)

Jehana/Jehan-Anar (Profile)
The younger of the two current Gerudo princesses, or at least would be if he weren't secretly a boy raised as a girl to keep his ruthless older sister from wiping him out. Shy and standoffish due to his life-threatening secret, he nonetheless dreams of adventure and romance.
Tomorrow's Way (colour)
Tomorrow's Way (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy fighting Pose
CRPG faces (top left)
RMXP sprite sheets
Old design (old)

Elon (Profile)
A sweet-natured Hylian boy with incredibly good luck, who acts as a healer by virtue of Light magic (and a very motherly demeanour). He's inseparable from his bodyguard Adina, which is fortunate since he tends to space out a lot when nothing demands his attention.
The Flower (colour)
The Flower (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy fighting Pose
RMXP sprite sheet
CRPG faces (bottom right)
Less old design (old)
Old design (old)

Adina (Profile)
A huge, morphically-unstable horse (or frequently huge, horse-like woman) who bears a great resemblance to Epona. Serves as Elon's steed and bodyguard and, due to his vague nature, does most of the day-to-day thinking.
The Juggernaut (colour)
The Juggernaut (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy fighting Pose
Fighting Pose (old version)
Old design (old)

Leyla (Profile)
Another Hylian, Leyla is a proud beauty with a bold, alluring personality. A self-titled "intimancer", she practices magic based on emotions, desire and passion. Oddly, she doesn't draw power from any of the goddesses, apparently having some other magical patron.
The Red Strokes (colour)
The Red Strokes (Ink)
Town clothes (sketchy colour ref)
Town clothes (sketch)
Sketchy colour reference
RMXP sprite sheet (cloaked)
RMXP sprite sheet
Fighting Pose
CRPG faces (bottom left)

Alin Edgar (Profile)
A mysterious young boy who uses Spirit magic, Alin is apparently bent on enjoying life absolutely as much as he can. As it turns out, this is because he's already dead - note the lantern - and isn't sure how much time he has as a poe.
The Flame Within the Flame (colour)
The Flame Within the Flame (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy fighting Pose
Current design
CRPG faces (top right)

Shadi (Profile)
A young Hylian boy who was kidnapped as a child and raised by a particularly self-important Gerudo mistress, as something of an exotic trophy. Learned fire magic by watching her in secret and stealing her books, then ran away with Runner's group when the opportunity presented itself.
The Songbird (colour)
The Songbird (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy fighting Pose

Aniya Suntear
My incredibly old, definitely defunct avatar character. Aniya is a Hylian girl descended from an ancient society who once studied the magical effects of music in Hyrule. I'm not sure what I'll do with her in the game, but I like her design, so I'm keeping her ^^
The Last Dance (colour)
The Last Dance (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy fighting pose
Current design
Head shot
Ocarina chibi
Knives chibi 2
Knives chibi 1 (old)

Venus (Profile) :new:
A Garo who somehow displeased her people, and was sent into exile until she can remember her crime - which they wiped from her mind, along with her identity. A very, very angry young woman. Originally the character was a Keaton, so the earlier works reflect that design instead of the current one.
:new: The Evergreen (colour)
:new: Garo remodel (sketch)
Sketchy fighting pose (Keaton)
Sketchy fighting pose (older) (Keaton)
Chibi (Keaton)

A young apprentice forest mage who suffered hardships as a child, but found a new life in a tiny forest village that worships a plant spirit named Tale.
A Thousand Dreams (colour)
A Thousand Dreams (ink)
Sketchy colour ref
Sketchy fighting pose


Indira (Profile)
The elder of the two current Gerudo princesses, who plans on holding onto her position as ruler by any means necessary. Enjoys tormenting Nubira, since the sorceress can't disobey her orders without throwing away her own bid for power.
The Golden Hand (ink)
The Golden Hand (ink)
Sketchy colour ref
Sketchy fighting pose

Nubira  (Profile)
A very powerful sorceress, Nubira is Indira's right-hand woman and advisor, of sorts. Despises the Princess - which is no secret from Indira - and wants the throne for herself, but is forced to play along for now.
Yhe Untouched (colour)
The Untouched (ink)
Sketchy colour ref
Sketchy fighting pose

Head of the Sheikah, slightly insane. Big scythe.

Tesselae (Profile)
A newbie character pinched from a D&D design, Tess is in the concept stages right now. He's going to be a water mage, and secretly some kind of mook water-temple monster who is forced to work for the villain, lest he lose his humanoid form.
The Cold Room (colour)
The Cold Room (ink)
Sketchy colour reference
Sketchy fighting pose
Tess Concept
Original sketches

Vien (?)
A very lazy villain. She's a shadow in the service of Majora - and by "service", I mean "slacking off at every available chance and taking his sealing as an excuse to bum around as a mortal for centuries".
:new: Shadow Slacker (sketch)


The unbearably arrogant daughter of Princess Ruto, filling in time until she can take over the throne from the current Princess-regent.

Miyuki-chan (Lovely Justice Crusader Purity Angel)
An incredibly gullible young Hylian girl who was told by Bukkake-chan that she has amazing magical powers and is destined to save Hyrule. Wielder of a magic scepter and a stupidly large sword.

A small, adorable creature something like a cat with wings. Plays advisor and guide to Miyuki-chan's magical girl, though his advice rarely seems to benefit her so much as it benefits him.


A bizarre catlike creature who roams the Lost Woods. Something of a rival to the hunter, Jade.
With freaky flying lemur things
Design (old)

A roudy, bar-brawling, carousing half-Gerudo blacksmith who know more than she lets on. Can't be a playable character because she's too powerful. Oh my goodness, who could she be? :p
Design (old)

A dauntless and high-spirited woodsman who can traverse the Lost Woods without risk of becoming a Skull Kid. Sometimes seen hanging around Red.

Design (old)

A serene teacher and wisewoman living amongst the Zora, a sort of sage they come to for advice. "Associate" of Red and Jade.
Design (old)

Random NPCs
Random Zora 1
Random Zora 2
A creepy druid villain (old)
The Watcher (old)


TalenLee concepted a sort of sequel to the first SotA plotline, kind of a "darker and edgier" style (a bit like Twilight Princess style in OoT timeline) with a hint of gothic. It concerns itself with the lands beyond Hyrule, after some of the barriers are broken at the end of SotA - specifically, with a shadowy borderland known as Knight's Pass.

A night watchman who stayed in Hyrule Castle town after Ganondorf took over, defending what little remained from the undead creatures who roamed the streets. When the town was finally reclaimed, he moved on to the newly-opened Knight's Pass.
Who Still Burns (colour)
Who Still Burns (ink)
Sketchy fighting pose

Essentially the result of a "mad scientist" type boss who tried to hybridise different species of Hyrule. Skri is one of his resounding successes, a Hylian/Goron mix. In game terms, he'd be a recurring miniboss who keep wrecking bits of the dungeon rather than fighting you.
Longing to Be (colour)
Longing to Be (ink)
Sketchy fighting pose

Pics with lots of characters in 'em.
:new: Pinup - Boys Side (all the guys as of Feb 2010)
:new: Pinup - Girls Side (all the ladies as of Feb 2010)

List will be updated when new stuff comes up ^^

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Stolen from Lock-of-Hyrule, because I can't resist a good soapbox.

[01] Do you have the guts to answer these questions and re-post as The Controversial Survey?
Ur... yes. I've never been shy about this stuff.

[02] Would you do meth if it was legalized?
Why? I've never had any urge to dabble in recreational drugs before now, legalisation wouldn't change that.

[03] Abortion: for or against it?
For. I realise it's a vague line between when something is human and when it isn't, but no way of judging that difference has even close to the validity of the one we use right now. Besides, it has been extremely well demonstrated that a woman knows when she should not have a child. If it became necessary tomorrow, I would do it without shame.

[04] Do you think the world would fail with a female president?
First of all, world president? LAWL. Secondly, of course the fuck not, unless she was only elected because she was female. Did England or New Zealand spontaneously implode when they had female Prime Ministers? What a dumb question.

[05] Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?
Probably yes. I don't really care, but it hasn't exactly destroyed moral fibre in the countries where it is legal, so what the fuck. Let people have it, they're gonna get it one way or another if they want it.

[06] Are you for or against premarital sex?
I am against people basing their physical relationship around a legal or social contract. I am against sex without love and commitment, but that is not the same thing as marriage. I you have a loving and committed relationship, marriage is nothing but a legal technicality.

[07] Do you believe in God?
Which God? Wait, it doesn't matter, I'm just making fun of you for acting like there's only one.

I do not believe in the existence of any deity. Furthermore, as a moral, skeptical humanist, I am appalled by the petty, jealous, misogynistic, racist arseholes we have created to be our deities, and even if they were proved to be real tomorrow, I would still tell them to shove it. Such characters are demeaning to the nobility of the human condition.

[8] Do you think it's wrong that so many Hispanics are illegally moving to the USA?
Gee, I don't know, what's your viewpoint on Boat People? Hah. I didn't think so.

Wrong for them to be moving there illegally? Yes. Understandable in the circumstances? Well, yes, probably that also. It's just freakin' sad that they feel the prospects are better in a shitty below-minimum-wage job where they have to live in fear of legal attention. And that they may well be right.

[09] A twelve year old girl has a baby, should she keep it?
Almost certainly not. I don't think it's 100% impossible for a twelve-year-old to raise a child well, but the odds against it are astronomical. It's probably better for the baby if it's adopted.

[10] Should the alcohol age be lowered to eighteen?
Lowered to 18? Pfft. Stop acting like America (your state, even?) is the whole world, loser.

[11] Should the war in Iraq be called off?
I don't have the sociopolitical knowledge to give a definite answer. Assuming you're talking about the American war that resulted from Bush and 911, I'm inclined to say yes because it was based on lies and fearmongering, and America can't just tromp around being World Police... but as usual the humanist part of me is torn by the idea that holy fuck, the way those people treat each other to begin with is atrocious, can the foreigners really be making it that much worse? It's kind of a "fucked either way" situation.

So I really can't say. I am, however, selfishly glad my country pulled out, so I guess I lean toward "yes, cut your losses and get the fuck out of there before more people die".

[12] Assisted suicide is illegal: do you agree?
Do I agree that it is illegal? Fuck, you need to get your brain out of one country. It's illegal in some places, legal in others, and that is a fact that "agree" or "disagree" doesn't enter into.

Do I think it should be illegal? No. We let our pets die with dignity, and I would wish the same thing for myself if it came down to it.

[13] Do you believe in spanking your children?
Depends on the situation. Different methods work for different parents and different children. On Talen's behalf I have to say some morons overdo it, mind you, but that's just a question of being poor parents. It's not about a single issue.

I do, however, think there is something wrong about you if you think all children must be spanked. And I would say I am definitively against the rather disturbing, ritualistic spanking that old-fashioned conservative types endorse. That shit is just creepy.

[14] Would you burn an American flag for a million dollars?
Million dollars? Holy shit yes. Hell, I'd burn an American flag for a fiver and a Pepsi. It's just a sodding piece of cloth. It's not even my flag (once again, invisble dumbass quiz person - some people live in OTHER FREAKIN COUNTRIES >_<;;; ).

[15] Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers?
Afraid? What are we to be judged by, if not by our moral and social opinions? Where did we even get this idea that judgement is bad?

I SHOULD be judged by my answers, and I'm proud of the person my answers portray! If people don't like that, they've no business being my friend/acquaintance/fan/random crack watcher/whatever.

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So what's up with me? Well, the internet hates me. Or my phone line does. Or my ISP does. Or all of the above. Anyway, my connection is sloooow as these days, so I have not been giving dA any attention. I will be around now and then, but I'm sure as hell not renewing my subscription during that time >.<;

Anyway, I came back mostly for groups, most importantly :iconzelda-oc-club:

So without further ado, here is the ZOCC's semi-monthly character interview meme :3

Zelda OC Club Character Interview Meme: December

1. Where do you hail from?

Sendari: Technic'ly Gerudo Valley, but more like all over the place most of the time.
Kafei: That is not a matter I can discuss.
Jehan: Gerudo Valley, naturally.
Elon: Why, from Lon Lon Ranch! That's where Adina comes from too.
Leyla: Here and there... I move around. It doesn't pay to tie yourself down, no?
Alin: I don't remembeeer ;___;
Shadi: Originally from Castle Town, but I got caught up in Gerudo Valley for ages! *shudders* Ugh!
Venus: As if it's any of your business!
Aniya: A hidden village in the mountains. Don't bother looking for it, it was destroyed in that stupid war.

2. Which deity or spirit do you hold allegiance to and why?

Sendari: Ehhh... deities aren't really my bag. I guess I can identify with Din? At least, she sounds like she'd be some fun to drink with...
Kafei: My alleigance belongs only to my Master.
Jehan: You know, I never really thought about it! I guess Din is my peoples' goddess, so it should be her. But they all seem nice enough, you know? I don't want to pick and choose ^ ^;;;
Elon: Oh my, isn't that a big question! I think Farore is very admirable.
Adina: *noses Elon*
Leyla: Deities? Not for me, darling. I kneel for no-one, god or mortal.
Alin: Ooh, me! Can I choose me? I'm a spirit, right! So I can choose me! I wanna choose me! Wahahah, now I'm a patron! >=D
Shadi: None yet, I'm waiting for one of them to impress me >:3
Venus: It used to be Nayru, that bitch! How dare she forsake me like this!
Aniya: My people have alwasy revered the three goddesses equally. I... guess I do so too.

3. What's your favorite color and why?

Sendari: I dunno... red? I don't really have one. I like earthy colours.
Kafei: *thinking of Runner* Teal. *blinks* Uh... that is... *looks stoic*
Jehan: Pink! It's the cutest ^.^
Elon: Hmm, I think green, because it's the colour of nature. Adina says blue.
Leyla: Leather.
Alin: Red! No, wait - yellow! Or should it be blue. Is red still on the table? I should go with red! Unless it's that nasty red from the... *trails off*
Shadi: Anything but pink >.<; Ugh, I have seen enough pink to last me a liftime!
Venus: Black, of course. Why bother putting colour into things? It will just fade... *emoemoemo*
Aniya: Green is my colour, obviously.

4. Who is your greatest influence or hero and why?

Sendari: *grins* Me, of course! If you can't be your own hero, you can't be anybody else's.
Kafei: *goes quiet*
Jehan: Runner is my heeero~!<3 *giggles*
Elon: Ara? ...Oh, I think that would have to be Miss Malon. She taught me so much, why, I believe I'd be lost if not for her. ...Hmm? Oh dear, Adina says she has a hero but it's a secret. Sorry! ^_^;
Leyla: Ahh, sorry, that's a private question. Ask me again once we're friends, maybe.
Alin: I don't know! Waah, so unfair! ;__;
Shadi: Runner is my hero, for freeing me from that awful den of... of... women! >.<;
Venus: Heroes? Bah! Who needs them?! They only get your hopes up, then let you down like everyone else! *rages*
Aniya: I don't have any single person like that.

5. What would you want your last meal to be?

Sendari: One of everything, with extra meat! :D
Kafei: I do not believe the content of the meal would be the important part of such a situation.
Jehan: *sighs dreamily* Mmmm, one of the banquets we used to have before Mother died... they were so wonderful. And the dessert! Ooh! ~<3
Elon: Hmmm, Adina says that if she were going to die anyway, she would eat everything she could find! She probably isn't including meat in that, but possibly you would need to hide your wardrobe ^.^; Oh, me? I'd rather decide at the time, thank you. My tastes may have changed by then, no?
Leyla: Mmm, too many choices! It would depend which restaurants were closest. I'm not sure I could pick a favourite.
Alin: Whu? Why do I need a last meal? I can't die yet! I still have so much to do! I haven't even tried baked Like-Like! Quick, we gotta go,...
Shadi: Who cares what I'm eating? Who am I eating with?
Venus: *scowls* I'd be getting drunk, I can tell you that much!
Aniya: Roasted cuckoo.

6. If this was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?

Sendari: Like every other day! If you're not living the way you want to it might as well be your last day, eh?
Kafei: *goes very quiet, is probably thinking about Runner*
Jehan: Why do you keep asking me about dying? ;_; I'd lie around doing whatever I felt like with Runner and the others, I guess.
Elon: My, that's an unpleasant thought :< I expect I would try to be with my friends. Adina says as long as we're together with me, we'd be all right.
Leyla: Looking for a way to not die, of course. I'm not giving up til the very end.
Alin: Nuuuuu! I still have SO MUCH TO DOOOOO ;____; *panics*
Shadi: Well, I'd *censored* and *censored* with a *censored*... and there'd have to be at least one *censored* so I could *censored*...
Venus: *scowls* I'd be getting drunk, I can tell you that much!
Aniya: Taking care of as much unfinished business as possible.

7. If you could go back and change one event in your life, what would it be and why?

Sendari: I don't reckon I'd change anything. Sure, some of life sucks, but one way or another it led to me, and I rather like me.
Kafei: *ninja vanish because you're asking too many personal questions*
Jehan: You know, at one point I would have said that I wished I was female, because it would make everything easier... but now... I don't know. Now that I have Runner and everybody, it's kind of... a bit fun, too #^_^#
Elon:  I don't think either of us would change anything, dear ^_^
Leyla: Well... there are some things I regret, but I wouldn't change them without knowing how that would affect the events afterwards.
Alin: I don't wanna be dead! ;____;
Shadi: Like you need to ask! I never would lived with the Gerudo if I'd had a choice!
Venus: I. Used. To. Know. EVERYTHING. *ragefulfistshake*
Aniya: I would save my village, of course. I could hardly choose anything different.

8. If it was a matter of life or death, would you kiss Ganondorf or Tingle?

Sendari: OH! That's DISGUSTING! *stage retching* Okayokay... ugh... Tingle I guess, because I'd rather sick and demented than evil.
Kafei: *twitch* Each is as bad as the other.
Jehan: Grooooosss ;_; Can I say Ganondorf because he's technically my father? That would make it platonic, atleast...
Elon: *giggles* Tingle. Poor, sad little man... Adina says horses kiss by biting, does that count?
Leyla: *looks ill* I'm assuming death is still an option, yes? I'll have to think about this one.
Alin: Ew blah! Ewwww... I guess Ganondorf... I've never kissed an evil sorceror demon-king Triforce-holder, so at least it would be a new experience. But... ewwwwwww...
Shadi: Well, Ganondorf has sort of a nice body, at least...
Venus: Can I choose death?
Aniya: Tingle. And you're repulsive for asking >.<;

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or "Doll Call"...?

Anyway! If you are a doller, KiSS artist or anybody else who works with my bases (or anybody else's!) you will GO HERE. NOW. DO IT! Learn and grow and be better :)

Also, believe it or not, I have actually completed another KiSS set! Finishing stuff is awesome, even if it is outrageously belated entries to a long-forgotten monthly challenge ^^;

KiSS This is still new and shiny and exciting and very, very naughty. Check it out if you're a fan of ecchi/hentai or just erotica in general.

Tutorial Status: My "First KiSS" tutorial/construction kit is just about finished, but should I try to update it for GIMP 2.6? A lot of interface/command stuff has changed, so I feel like releasing the old version might do more to confuse newcomers than help them ^^;

GAH: I saved over my Ninja vs. Pirate CNF! D: Never save files when you're in a hurry. I'm pretty sure I have a very recent backup though, and it's only the CNF itself that was ruined.

Lastly, the ubiquitous plug for KiSSClub! Seriously, there's no better way to find KiSS on dA.

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Unprocrastination GO!

KiSS This is a long-anticipated site for adult-oriented KiSS sets, conceived back when OtakuWorld had to purge its adult dolls to keep stoopid Paypal happy. I wanted to make it expandable and dynamic, but that meant some kind of scripting, and I'm not good with anything but HTML and FKiSS ;p

Anyway, I got jack of waiting (I had some really awesome sets that I went to much trouble to get permission from the creators for!) and finally succeeded in mangling a PHP gallery tutorial into a workable solution. It's not perfect - it should include options to sort and filter content too - but that for now, that can wait.


Moar KiSS: :iconkissclub:

(Footnote: Also I have updated one of my KiSS bases, Ninja versus Pirate (orig/censored). Pirate now has two eyes, which should make her a lot easier to use for non-pirate characters :p

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Holy shit, I gotta get that depressing journal off my frontpage. As if I need to think about it more! :

So, my connection she is fixed! I had hoped to transfer to Internode, possibly the best ISP in the country, but they simply didn't have room for another connection at my exchange. BAH! And nor did iiNet. What the hell is with Port Kembla being some kind of technologically-savvy area? More likely the "exchange" consists of one DSLAM and some duct tape.

So anyway, we have officially moved onto SuperNerd, who get up-front points for telling me it would take three weeks and getting it done in two days. Definitely the first time I've had an instantaneous changeover (like, we were on Dodo one night, SN the next morning) with no waiting period. Woo!

Of course, now I can actually access dA at reasonable speeds again, which means it will actually load. Of course, now I have about 5000 messages, so I'm still going to procrastinate and hide from it by turns. In other words: I'm back, but don't expect me to be too active yet.

Now the important part:

It's SMASH time again!

Fuck hell. I've been plannning for this convention since April. How did it get to be like three weeks away without me even noticing? Fuck, fuck, fuck. I really have to get some stuff coloured! Why am I wasting time writing this journal? You wanna see my SMASH stuff? It's mostly porn at this stage, so head over to my FurAffinity (OHNOESFURRIESBAWWWWW). Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go load the GIMP.

Side Note: I did manage to replace my tablet, hence why I can colour things again in the first place. It's secondhand and only an Intuos (1), but I got it for dirt cheap and I'm totally stoked. Yay! Okay, now I'm gone.

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I know, it's been pretty much ages since I've done anything around dA. Mostly that's because I haven't produced any art lately - I'm a bit of a funk ATM - but it's also because I don't know if you've noticed, this site is a giant fat bastard. Seriously! It's huge for a website, even web 2.0. Sometimes it loads so slowly I think I'm on MySpace.

Normally that's not too much of a problem - even I'm on broadband these days - but the thing is, my phone line has serious issues right now. I should have DSL 2 speeds - our connection here used to deliver 1.8mb/s - but at the moment it's almost as slow as dialup. Oh, and our home phone line isn't working at all, not even a dial tone.

Anyway, my internet connection is arse right now, and (at least for me) dA tends to fuck up loading at all when it loads slowly. Large images just never download. So the whole experience is balls, and I've generally been avoiding the place. I certainly don't want to renew my sub when I can't use the site effectively.

As for real life, it's been kind of a downer too. About two weeks ago, Rowdy - our brown sable ferret - was acting oddly in the morning, screwing up his nose, hissing at food and bleeding a little in his saliva. The vet thought he had managed to loosen one of his teeth. By eleven that night, he choked to death in my arms, terrified and unable to understand why we couldn't help him.

It was a really bad night.

As usual, we tried to adopt a new ferret as soon as possible, so Finley wouldn't be lonely. Tank and ferret-who-still-needs-a-name arrived two days ago, and are settling in, though they seem to be a bit young and boisterous for Finley so far. We trust they'll work it out though.

So, in short, I'm on a bit of a dA vacation. No doubt you'll see me again when I can actually download shit. If you want to know what's going on with me, you can find me on Facebook, where I do still update semi-regularly.

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Marker Paper

Wed Mar 4, 2009, 3:40 PM

Do I have any US/Canadian watchers out there who would be willing to help me acquire art paper suitable for Copic markers?

The story goes like this, basically; my local art store has a fineliner pad - which is beautiful and thick and smooth for my black fineliners/inking, but terrible for colour markers because they won't blend - or a marker pad which is only 80gsm - not much chop for presentation artwork, and the paper tends to wrinkle if I apply multiple layers of markers. I've been searching for new types of art paper, and I decided to look into purpose-designed manga/marker papers. Most of all, I'd like to try Aquabee Manga Artist paper, but I can't find a supplier for it in Australia (they're a Canadian company, from what I can gather).

Dick Blick has helpfully offered to ship it to me for a minimal shipping fee of... $30. That's about AU$45, for those who don't know. They sell the pad for like $6.

So, please... is anybody watching me a helpful NorthAm resident who would be willing to acquire some of this paper for me, and send it over the pond? Fully paid, of course, and maybe with a little artistic rider to say thanks. Offers by PM would be tremendously appreciated.

If not, perhaps some of you can recommend alternative papers you prefer for markers? I need something high-quality, of course, no ageing/fading or bleeding. In needs to be very smooth (so it doesn't break my felt-tips - I'm very heavy-handed when I ink ^^; ), not too glossy (so I can blend markers smoothly), and heavy enough to look and feel like a quality product (I wouldn't want to go lower than about 150gsm). Most importantly, of course, it must be designed to accept markers. Do you know any papers which serve such a purpose? ^_^

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Footer 2

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