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Well, I'm finally back in uni mode... it took long enough! still waiting for my textbooks to arrive tho. Don't get me wrong, gubberment, I think it's fecking awesome that you consider my study important enough to give me money for textbooks, but it would be super nice if you could give it to me in orientation week next time, rather than week 2 ^^;

Last Tuesday I went into hospital to get a lump of scar tissue removed from my tongue, which is liberating like you wouldn't believe. With the papilloma on one side and my tooth cavity on the other, it was becoming increasingly awkward to chew.

This Tuesday was Census day! :D I have been waiting three whole years to finally check that "no religion" box. Last time I was still wibbly enough to consider myself "agnostic but spiritual". It's deeply satisfying to finally give official notice that I'm just not convinced any more. Combined with my existing love of filling in forms, it was a highly enjoyable night (and I am a highly unusual dork).

I HAVE A 3DS! I walked into JB Hi-Fi after the price drop announcement but before the actual price drop, and they practically fell over themselves to offer me their Sims 3 bundle with Ocarina instead XD The university has proven quite reliable for StreetPass, too :)

Oh, and the control stick on this thing is magnificent. Back when they remade stuff like Mario64 for the DS, I despaired that 3D action games would ever play nicely on a handheld. I remember thinking specifically about Zelda at the time, never dreaming they would come up with such an enjoyable solution. I've played Ocarina now on N64, GCN and 3DS controllers, and I have to say the 3Ds was the best (though I still find the N64 grip better than the GCN). Seriously, using that controller is almosy disturbingly pleasurable.

On that unsettling note, let me bid you adieu for now. To those for whom I'm working on commissions, I am planning time next week to tackle artistic work. Many thanks for your patience!

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Everett1911 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
oh god, super mario 64 on the ds ;~;

the saddest thing is that they seem to have crippled the d-pad controls so that you'd be forced to try the terrible stylus controls, and that isn't just memories either; last week my little sister let me play with her ds and I tried the game again. it's just as awkward to control as it was when it first came out ]:

by the way, if you can, give solatorobo a try c: it's a wonderful, very wonderful game on the ds, and even if it wasn't filled with furred critters, it'd still be a wonderful game.

man, I can't wait till I finally make it to university myself x: I'm going back to school at the end of the month, for the first time since 2003 when I dropped out. gotta finish those high school grades if I'm gonna try and become a 3d artist someday D<
BlackKusanagi Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Student General Artist
Good luck with school miss~
Spookeriffic Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Good luck with school! :squee:
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August 10, 2011